Lack of Honor

We have a President that felt it was more important to fit a fundraiser in this week than to take time to lay a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery. We are at war in two different countries, the North Koreans are sinking ships and rattling sabers, and we are sending the National Guard to our southern border. With all this military activity and our soldiers in harm’s way (for appearance only) I would think it would be more important than ever to show solidarity and consideration for their (the military) sacrifice. Should it really surprise us though? I think certain things are becoming clear in our country. We no longer revere sacrifice.

There can be many reasons for this but I believe the root cause to be our overwhelming sense of entitlement. Nary a day goes by when we aren’t seeing a story in the news about some union fighting with some town about pay and contract benefits that they feel they are entitled too. I read a story (Giving Them the Condoms They Want by Tommi Avicolli-Mecca‚ May. 27‚ 2010) that said people that were getting free condoms were complaining about the quality of condoms they were getting? Honestly? These are things that are making me scratch my head. We have generations that don’t know what making hard physical labor and sacrifice is because we are constantly barraged with tales about how if we don’t get a college degree we are “sentenced” to do menial jobs. The saddest part of that mentality is the fact that it tells people hard/physical work is beneath them. (Yet so many complain when these jobs are going overseas, That is an article for a different time though?)

Vietnam veterans faced an unspeakable act; they returned home from war to be spit on and berated. The same people that did the spitting and cast insults are now in charge of our government and are we really surprised they don’t honor a soldiers’ sacrifice. I heard on a talk radio show a story of a woman that was getting redeployed to Afganistan (where her husband is) because her maternity leave was over. The host honored her dedication and sacrifice. I need to ask why though? Not why he honored her sacrifice but why does she have to leave her child with relatives so we can go nation-build in a foreign land when the debt clock just surpassed 13 TRILLION dollars this Tuesday night. Our military is doing things that are impossible, they are asking a people (whose religion tells them to kill infidels) to change a culture. So far the billions of dollars and thousands of lives lost just don’t seem worth it. Our finest are there trying to get it done though; and God Bless Them for their courage and service.

In conclusion though I just want to say a couple of things, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that a man (President Obama) that never served, and never had a hard days work can’t understand the courage and dedication it takes to put yourself in harrms way. His courage is limited to a teleprompter and pre-printed speeches. Not honoring those that serve the Commander-in-Chief and our country shows a true lack of honor.

Rob Huxley
Candidate for NH State Representative, Hillsborough District 3