Creating Politial Choice

There are no laws of economics, physics or nature that dictate that local, state or federal government has to be inefficient, bureaucratic, corrupt and controlled by lobbyists.  Our democracy has evolved to what it is today, because we have let it.  We have no one to blame but ourselves.  What do you think?

  • Are we really living free while we let our democracy die? 
  • Do you believe in our nation but not in the ability of our government or the fairness of the election process? 
  • Is the most exciting thing about politics the opportunity to throw the bums out and the illusion of sticking it to the establishment? 
  • What is more important, screaming for less government or assuring we get value from the government we already pay for? 
  • Are you worried that your children or grandchildren will want to be rich lobbyists when they grow up?

How many other tragedies like the BP oil spill are lurking behind the curtains thanks to the way we have handed our government over to those who control the purse strings?  Lobbyist money drives legislation and funding from the political extremes manipulates voters.  As long as voters live in fear of a conservative or liberal majority, we will continue to push the political seesaw up and down and never get the best political solutions.  People say they are fed up with Washington , but are you ready to invest your time and efforts to get our elected officials to work in the best interests of the people and the economy?

In today’s political civil war, the most bi-partisan consensus is that third parties are the biggest threat to the multi-billion dollar investment in maintaining a government that can be manipulated and controlled.  A competitive Independent Party is the most direct path to heal the viscous wounds inflicted on  our democracy by extremism, money, corruption and voter apathy.  I found a fiscally center right, socially center left  independent party,  has incorporated a number of my suggestions and is open to the citizens of New Hampshire defining our version of the New American Independent Party

True, there are numerous existing and fragmented Independent parties and for the most part their candidates never win since they campaign as individual islands.  To avoid that fate, New Hampshire needs a slate of Independent Candidates running for most State positions and all federal offices.  With no or very little money, New Hampshire Independent Candidates will depend on local grass roots discussions to assure that come November, everyone can name their State and Federal Independent choices.  There is no need for voters to join the New American Independent Party (they should remain un-declared voters), but having an open slot for every elected position will attract those who have the ability to work with other elected officials and can stay focused on making our government work for the economy and the people.  Qualified independent candidates can be disenfranchised Republicans, Democrats, other independents and many others attracted to serve without the ideological burdens and baggage of existing political parties.

Repairing our democracy will not be easy and do not think someone else is going to do it for you.  We face two daunting obstacles : one is the mountain of apathy that has risen from our dismay at the two political parties , and the other is the constant struggle to keep our heads above water as we fight the raging river of daily responsibilities.  Unless some catastrophe ignites us in rage, the only fuel to power us over Mt. Apathy and across the river of life’s challenges will be a patriotic passion and commitment to restore the pillars of a healthy democracy.  The pillars are facts, local discussion, debate and an absolute insistence on metrics and measurements to hold every governmental action accountable to the people (not the money).

In New Hampshire we have two short months left to collect and submit over 21,582 individually signed and certified (by the supervisors of the checklist) petitions to get an Independent Party on the 2010 New Hampshire ballot.  To get that accomplished you and a dozen or so other people in every town and city are needed to get petitions signed and handed to the local supervisor of the checklists by August 11th.  Any dedicated citizen can help spearhead the petition drive.  Others can collect petitions at work or other activities in June and July.  If we are not well on our way by mid-July, we will need to switch to an Independent write - in campaign. If you do not step up and start to help, we may lose a great chance to make America , America again.

Please contact me at to get petitions forms and coordinate activities in your neighborhood. 


Steven Borne is the NH State Chair for the New American Independent Party