Shouldn't Ayotte inform the voters?

I have the support of 3 Congressmen as Ayotte and Company violated my family's rights and this has spurred the U.S. Comission on Civil Rights to request the USDOJ investigate the crimes.  Congressman Inslee(Wa.) made a formal request for an FBI Color of Law investigation.  The  DHHS Civil Rights Division has also recently begun an investigation.  This situation should be brought to light if the voters are to make an informed choice.  Ayotte had several years to do something and she answered not one of my letters, instead allowing Fitch to write a letter but unfortunately his membership in the International Association of Chiefs of Police should have disqualified his answering to a Federal question about another of that asociations members( Ex-Chief John Pickering).  If anyone wishes to receive documentation supporting my claims please contact me.  This is a very big case, as it should be.