DHHS-OCR begins inquiry

I seem to keep gaining the support of agencies finding my charges to have merit, Ayotte and her legacy need to come cleean.  The DHHS-OCR have begun to question actions by Ayotte, Albee, Ex-Colonel John Pickering, NHCPS and others who participated in attempting to interfere with attempts to protect my sons from abuse and neglect.  One side of my family brought terror to the Madison community, the other sought to grow up in a safe and loving home.  Pickering sought to interefere and I stand by that charge and will provide proof that his actions along with Albee's actions amount to Color of Law/Fraud and Conspiracy.  I almost lost my 7 year old in a coma for almost 2 weeks.  Another child, a stepson so to speak, now just 18 is about to spend 4 years in prison for assault 2.  Albee and Pickering had a chance to save Michael and they could have helped me guide him, but no, institutional racism was the game they played, not blind justice.  The Carroll County System ignored our rights and almost cost me my son and certainly dashed the hopes of some decent kids.  After all, aren't most kids decent if given a fair chance at being valuable members of society?  Maybe Pickering/Albee/Ayotte and others figure their power allows them to choose who gets justice and who doesn't.  I will fight to the end to prove that they are the criminals, not me. Good luck with this latest investigation, I wish you would be transparent with the investigations in respect to the voters.




Michael Holman