NH Voters?

Dear Insider,  There are other choices for the US Senate. It appears you folks in the media are not up to the challenge to report on them.

Just how serious is our national debt?   
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said last week "the biggest threat to our national security is our nation's debt" That sounds pretty serious to me. How about you? Lets see, $13 Trillion Dollars in debt and counting, Congress has spent $1 Trillion over this years Budget, Congress raised the Limit on the National Debt so they could borrow even more money from foreign interests, after they were told by their own experts that their spending was unsustainable they added $Billions of Earmarks to the Budget and they topped it off with giving all federal employees another raise.
Every 2 years we vote for those who promise to fix this problem and every 2 years we are right back where we started, only deeper in debt.
The question for New Hampshire voters, is the problem serious enough for you yet?

Are you tired of the 2 parties constantly trying to one-up each other? Are you tired of campaign promises with no real plan to fix anything?
If there were a Plan to actually fix this incredibly disastrous situation Congress has put us in, would you support it? A Plan that requires Congress to meet benchmarks each year until a Balanced Budget is achieved, a Plan that will levy consequences if Congress fails to meet the required benchmarks, a Plan that rewards those who provide acceptable ways to reduce government spending?
Would New Hampshire voters lead the charge in support of The Plan?
Do New Hampshire Voters really have the stomach to commit themselves to something so Revolutionary? 
Would New Hampshire Voters be willing to ignore the $Millions the 2 parties have spent and stand up for one Average American, who is 100% committed to bringing The Plan to Washington?    Review The Plan and you decide: www.thepetersplan.com
A dear friend once told me "We will get what we deserve or what we will tolerate!"
Tom Peters
Average American
Independent Candidate
for United States Senate
Ashland, NH