My Questions for the 2010 Candidates

Dear NH Insider,  

As a NH voter, I compiled this list of questions to send to the 2010 NH House and Senate candidates.     I would like to share it with all NH voters, and I challenge ALL NH candidates to answer my questions in detail - posting their responses on for voters to read.   

Let's show candidates that they will need more than sound bites to get out the vote in their favor this November!  

Sincerely, Kylie of Nashua    

NH 2010 Candidates Questionaire


1. Many candidates running in the New Hampshire 2010 elections state they are "for spending cuts".  If you are such a candidate, how, specifically, would you propose to cut spending at the federal level?  Please state the names of budgets that would be cut, and give a brief justification for each choice.

 2. How does your policy of cutting spending square with your desire to improve education in the public schools? 

 3. Are you aware that the United States imports 80% of its seafood from Southeast Asia, yet the FDA only inspects 2% of this seafood before it enters the United States?  This has led to port-shopping by importers to get around what inspection stations do exist, and - by extension - serious safety issues with our seafood. The FDA states it does not have enough money to properly staff its inspection stations.  If elected how would you address this issue?

 4. Recent studies show that there may be a link between health problems and food-related additives and chemicals.  Still, many officials and lobbyists push for no regulation of these additives and chemicals until further proof of their harmful nature is available.  How much proof of harm would you require before you would be willing to regulate food additives, chemicals or genetic manipulation? 

 5. When George W. Bush was President he began the practice of using ethics waivers in order to declare persons with conflicts of interest fit to serve in government policy-influencing capacities.  President Obama has continued this policy, and used it to his advantage as well.  If elected, would you oppose the use of ethics waivers and fight to cleanse both our high government positions (such as Secretary of the Treasury) and our regulatory agencies of conflicts of interest?

 6. What is your stance on US involvement in foreign wars, like those in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Would you support US involvement in an additional war with Iran?  Why or why not?

 7. Politicians of every political affiliation state their opposition to the banker bailout.  Yet, many politicians have received money in election cycles past and present, from huge corporations - including large Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and JP Morgan.  If you (Bill Binnie, Paul Hodes, Kelly Ayotte, Jim Bender, Katrina Swett, Richard Ashooh, and Robert Bestani) received large sums of money in this election cycle from corporations that benefitted strongly from receipt of the bailout funds, how will you resist their lobbyists calls for continued bailouts, or deregulation of the financial industry once elected?  Do you support an audit of the Federal Reserve?  If not, why not?

8. Relatedly, what is your stance on the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 (which was a repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933)?  If elected, would you vote to reinstate Glass-Steagall, in order to allow the United States to reduce its massive deficit? (Glass-Steagall would separate speculative from commercial banking, making it possible to write off the bad speculative debt create by the TBTF banks, and passed on to American taxpayers by the TARP bailout.) 

9. What is your opinion on the methods currently being used to deal with the environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico? 

10. What, if anything, would you have added or removed from the recently-passed Financial and Health Care reform bills?

11.  Name two pieces of legislation that have come before the 111th Congress which you would have co-sponsored, and tell us why.

12.  Finally, New Hampshire has a large number of voters who are strong supporters of the 10th Amendment.  What statement would you like to make to these voters?