Lest we forget: Independence Day 2010.


This weekend we celebrate the rights and freedoms bestowed upon us by our Creator with our families, friends and neighbors on this day every year. We revel in the freedom to come and go without question, parties are attended, parades held on Main Street and fireworks light up the night skies everywhere. There is no end to the possibilities of how to express our love of freedom.

Yet there are two brave men who cannot celebrate with us this year: They are Prisoners of War in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Spc. Ahmed K. Altaie, 41 was categorized as DUSTWUN (Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown) On Oct. 23, 2006, when individuals allegedly kidnapped him while he was visiting family in Baghdad, Iraq. He is a member of the Provincial Reconstruction Team, Baghdad.

Bowe Robert Bergdahl (born March 28, 1986 in Sun Valley, Idaho) is a soldier in the United States Army who was captured by the Taliban in southeastern Afghanistan in June 2009.

Can we fully enjoy our freedom knowing that these brave men cannot enjoy theirs while being held captive, fighting for their very lives every moment? I cannot!!

As we participate in our festivities, let us remember these brave men, pray for their good health and their immediate release.Let us all unite in one voice to bring these soldiers home. Then we can let FREEDOM ring for all.

"We love you and we believe in you. Stay strong."