The Majority have run this country into the ground

With mass looting of Wall Street, corruption in the banking industry with money loaned with elaborate kickback schemes and the general "I want it all" mentality America succeeded in again raping itself.  We would be ignorant to listen to the rhetoric that the current administration is to blame, anyone with a little knowledge can see the cash grab that occured here.  Sent to kill, steal and destroy, you have done just that.  No one is to blame but you and you sound like a lying teenager attempting to put the blame on someone else with your incessant attacks upon the current Presideent and his administration.  America seems deserving of many of its monikers.  Any intelligent person would divest himself of this current mindset and begin to take a good, hard look at the truth.  Seems that you are in denial and that you have finally lost control.  Thankfully, the banks didn't close and you still have an avenue to cash checks and retain your hard-earned money that the betters have grown fond of mismanaging.....are your cards and advances being declined?  Wake up America, anyone can start a riot with false claims, history has proven that.  Find a smart voice to listen to, it sure ain't Rush!