Albee and Conway PD under investigation?

My complaints have for years spotlighted an egregious attack upon mine and my sons rights.  I realize that NH couldn't care less about my African American family and Ayotte's and Delaney's refusal to formally investigate my serious charges for 4 long years confirmed that.  Thankfully, 3 Congreemen did care, because everyone in America should be protected by the same laws.  I pray that justice will be served against the blatant crimes that left my son with brain damage and myself stressed and worn from battle.  I have found yet another breath to continue to demand that the false arrests, the forcing of my attorney Jennifer Haskell to abandon me and sign a bogus affidavit-but she stated that "my career has been threatened-I cannot represent you", that Stanley Hawthorne-Atty, be questioned under oath as to why he played as if he was defending me after taking 3k then offered a plea and threatened to withdraw if the ACLU joined my battle, why my motions to dismiss were withdrawn without my knowledge or consent by Hawthorne, how Ex-Chief John Pickering was allowed to commit such Public Corruption, telling me while in lockup "I have the letters you are sending the FBI, They are on my side"..... under the nose of Ayotte who is a Public Corruption Specialist????  These things don't add up and unfortunately for you, this African American isn't so afraid of being railroaded as he is afraid that his forefathers would lose ground on holding bigots accountable for egregious attacks as heinous as this.  Pickering, you could not have done all this without the help and blessing of Albee!  Too bad the mother of my children didn't realize the father of Ryan, Justin and Christian would stop at nothing to get some Federal paws around your scrawny little necks.....I will sacrifice whatever I must to hold you accountable, every last one of you!