Madison PD and NHDOJ expunge evidence, possibly???

My requests for FOIA on two occasions are turning up no documentation worthy of note..HOWEVER, I have several letters from the USDOJ and FBI that refer to these documents that were presented to them by Madison PD and the NHDOJ.  WHERE DID THEY GO?  Is this the reason that AYOTTES emails were deleted?  I contacted Ayotte over 50 times through letters, emails, voicemails, to no avail.  Now there is an investigation and I have requested answers,  but they haven't responded yet.  Of course I am going to make this public, after all, they are working FOR the public and the citizens deserve to know the truth.  Problem is, they are destroying the truth in paper-shredders in my honest opinion.....I intend to go the distance, for my children's sake.