It's that time again!!

I see the beginnings of the quarterly ritual messages from candidates stating "I need your help." With millions available to them to run their campaign, they now ask the citizens of New Hampshire to dig into their pockets a little deeper to spend, spend, spend on ads.

How does one reconcile boasting of being a conservative yet spend millions of dollars on a political campaign? Four of the five US Senate candidates are continuously asking for contributions to their campaigns to get their message out, for name recognition and to "be viable." Each has at least one million dollars and others have upwards of multiple millions of dollars in the bank. I thought that a "conservative" was to be frugal and spend the least amount possible to get things done!

How can they say they will go to Washington to cut spending when they are out of control in their campaign spending?

When does the spending madness end?

It ends here!

I don't have the resources to be on tv or mail ads that will be thrown away. I am out every day in some town across the state campaigning the "old fashioned way"...meeting people, shaking their hands and looking them in the eye. This costs nothing more than gas in my tank.

I have lived my whole life here in New Hampshire and have solid NH values.... I find it difficult to ask for money from anyone when I know that times are tough and money is tight for most people. I never ask for a monetary contribution, I tell people that if they want to contribute to my campaign then just "spread the word for me" and that is a contribution. I will spend what little I have in reserve to get out and meet people and ask that we work together to make an effective change in Washington.

This election is one where we need someone who walks the walk, not just talks the talk. I will be careful with my money now in the campaign and also when I get to Washington as your next Senator. I want to be your next Senator and am willing to "earn it" not buy it!

When I ask for your contribution..... just "spread the word" and that will be enough for me!!

Dennis Lamare

Candidate US Senate