The Taxpayers’ Friend

After following the agenda of the Grafton County Government for eight years, I made the conscious decision to run for County Treasurer.  I am appealing to Republicans, Independents and undeclared voters to mark the ballot for Harold Brown as Grafton County Treasurer.  My attributes?  Integrity, I represent freedom and liberty, I am a staunch 2nd. Amendment advocate, and I try to be a good constitutionalist.  I am never a bigoted or prejudiced person, and consider myself a fiscal conservative.  The major strength of my obligation is to the taxpayers.  I will not sign any long term debt, and I will not indebt you or your children.  Period.  I intend to use the treasurer’s position as a comptroller, and any large expenditures that are not generated by legal and fair bidding processes, I will not sign for.  I will abide by all tax law(s)/state law(s) regarding spending.  I was a small business owner, which gave me plenty of experience with banking and understanding how cash flow within business works.  I intend to keep all investments within Grafton County.  I plan to implement an open bidding policy for borrowing and investing.  I will hold my oath and the office of Treasurer with the highest esteem.  Please don’t vote to allow this important position to revert into one that‘s just ‘business as usual.’  That would only make the county spendthrifts happy, and the taxpayers’ wallets leaner. Vote your wallet.
Vote ‘change’ for a change!

Harold Brown
Live Free or Die