Rekindling THE “Live Free Or Die” Beacon

Like our country, New Hampshire is under siege and in a fight for its very survival. We are the last New England state that respects its citizens’ right to choose the wearing of seat belts and helmets, and the last one to resist a sales or income tax. We have always believed that low taxes were the result of low spending; low spending promoted small government; and small government guaranteed our personal freedoms.

In the past four years, however, the liberals in Concord have changed all of that. While New Hampshire has always maintained a balanced budget, deliberate overspending has created a potential $1 billion budget shortfall. While most states cut their budgets with the economic downturn, liberals and progressives in Concord, often maneuvering under the cover of political darkness, increased spending 27% in the last four years. 

Attempting to sustain their out-of-control spending, these same liberals increased the State’s debt 30%, added and increased nearly 100 new taxes and fees, borrowed on the State credit card to fund day-to-day expenses, and created an antibusiness job-killing environment. They attacked home schooling with burdensome regulations, and attacked family values by attempting “Transgender Bathroom” and “Assisted Suicide” legislation. Gay marriage became legal, and parents’ rights diminished when requirements to be informed of abortions being performed on their minor daughters were repealed. Through manipulation of the Legislative Rules Committee, the right to carry firearms in the State House was prohibited, and they even tried to restrict free speech the last day of the legislative session.

The good news is that the voters in New Hampshire can reverse this trend by electing conservatives who will return to New Hampshire its state sovereignty, proud heritage, and a government it can afford. Conservative votes can assure that New Hampshire stands as that fort on sovereignty hill, withstanding the siege of fiscal madness and national socialism, shining its “Live Free Or Die” beacon to the rest of the nation.

God bless,

Robert Mead
NH State Representative
Hillsborough District 4