Judge Albee, Ayotte, Pickering, Brodeur, Bahan, Colantuono all involved and now all files deleted?

Erasing all files infers criminal activity.  All of the individuals named above were contacted repeatedly as mine and my sons rights were being violated in a Fraud and Conspiracy/Color of Law.  With political backing due to the blatant nature of this attack, the truth needs to be revealed.  As a father of three young sons I sought to protect them from abuse and neglect.  NH sought to railroad an African American father.  Unfortunately they didn't know I was educated and knew what the Judicial System does to black males, farming them in the prison system.  I won't be one of them and following in my fathers footsteps, a highly decorated Tuskegee Airman, I will take on this battle.  I have faxed hundreds of letters and gained the support of many because it "makes sense" what I am charging.  Kelly deleted those emails for a reason and she needs to be transparent.  I will not stop until your criminal acts are made public.  Anyone thinking that your admninistration has any merit after this case goes public is surely blinded by ignorance.  DELETING EVIDENCE IS OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE! I can't make it simpler than that New Hampshire.  There should be hundreds of pages, all shredded because Ayotte thinks she deserve that seat.  Liars don't deserve office.  It is not only Ayotte I ponit at, it is all of you.  You prove that you lack the integrity needed to represent your citizens.  Didn't like a negro buying a house in Eidelweiss?