NH Republicans Vote Out Haters, NH Democrats Promote Them

Now that the primaries are over, we can see how the two parties did in preventing  the  three “problem” candidates for State Representative from advancing to the November ballot.

In the Ashland-Bristol area, Republican Ryan Murdough, criticized in the media and by GOP Chairman John Sununu for his white supremacist views, received only 296 votes and finished fifth   in the race for three spots.  Only 19.4 percent of Republican voted for Murdough.  Congratulations to Chair Sununu!

Democrats had two candidates afflicted with Sara Palin derangement syndrome, both of whom advanced and will appear on the November ballot.  In Cheshire County district 7, Dan Halloran, who had wished Palin dead, advanced with 318 votes, 41.7 percent of the Democrat vote.  He most likely will lose in November.

However, in Durham (Strafford 7), former Rep Tim Horrigan (forced out when Democrat Chair Ray Buckley and Speaker  Terie  Norelli hit panic mode last month) received 544 votes, a whopping 65.5 percent of the Democrat vote, advanced to the finals, and will probably win in November  and return to the House. 

Whatever happened to the promise from Buckley and his mentor Kathy Sullivan that they were so disgusted with Halloran and Horrigan that they would find write-in candidates to keep them from advancing?  Despite finding a score of write-ins for other races, Kathy and Ray came up empty here.  But then, they had other priorities.  They were too busy scanning the globe in quest of companies unethical enough to engage in illegal push polling to smear Republican candidates.  Shame, shame once again on Ray and Kathy, but then we’ve come to expect that.


Rep. Steve Vaillancourt, Hills. 15