NH Rep Jordan Ulery - CACR 6 The Fiscal Responsibility Act

Over the past four years New Hampshire has seen an unprecedented increase in taxes and fees.  Introduced this year was a solution to the problem of midnight tax increases that have so infuriated us and which have robbed the people of input.  People have been asking, where is the fiscal reform they voted for?  It begins right now with the introduction of CACR 6 (Ulery (r) Hudson) in the House next week.

The Constitutional Amendment simply requires that your elected Representative take the time, expend the energy and vote on the hard questions they were elected to vote upon.  When CACR 6 becomes law no longer will Representatives and Senators be able to create a new tax in the dead of night as has happened in the past.  It will require a 3/5 majority of the House and the Senate to agree on each new tax upon the people.

When the amendment becomes part of the Constitution then you and I will be able to see each and every new tax in the full light of day.  Hearings will be held and the effect of each new increase will be openly and fully discussed.  The flexibility to foist a hidden tax under the cover of a backroom deal will be severely restricted.  We deserve more and better than the campground tax, a tax that failed in committee, but was thrust upon the people in literally the dead of night.

Already some have come out saying that the change would “limit fiscal flexibility.”  Fiscal flexibility indeed!  Flexibility to raises taxes is what is meant!  If you support a slower growth of government, a smaller, leaner state government and more local control of spending then this amendment is needed.

Yes, this bill will make it difficult, but that is what the legislators are paid the big money to do, actually make hard fiscal decisions.  Yes, the amendment will lead to more open government.  Yes, the amendment will slow the growth of government.  Yes, the amendment will make the state more responsive to the people of New Hampshire.

Call your Representative today and tell them you favor smaller government, open government and an end to midnight tax deals.  Tell your Representative to support CACR 6 next week.



Jordan Ulery


NH State Representative

162nd General Court