Service and Sacrifice

By Jeff Frost

For all my fellow service men and woman this Monday marks another memory of what service and sacrifice is for our country and fellow man kind. The uniform, when voluntarily worn, means you may be committing your life in that service and just the wearing of it with that knowledge has always instilled a sense of awe and respect for me and my family. This Memorial Day we must remember those that have given their lives in service. We must always remember those that wear a uniform in harms way every day do so with commitment beyond self interest and standing tall.

I hope those of us that are in position of political leadership realize that no matter how hard a problem and the chance of failure may be we must do what needs to be done selflessly and without fear of the fall out because the sacrifice will never be as great as those we honor on Memorial Day. Doing what is right is a lot easier when your loss may be only a re-election. So lets remember our heroes today and every day forward and do them proud by example.

Thank You,

Jeff  Frost