Jennifer Horn: It's Time For Tim Pawlenty

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"The greatest threat to the future of our nation is a government that has become too big to control, too expensive to sustain and too intrusive to allow men and women to live in freedom."


Originally Published in the Union Leader

June 23, 2011

It Is Time For Tim Pawlenty


I was raised by parents who promised their ten children that, as long as we were willing to work hard and sacrifice, we could do and become anything we dreamed of because we lived in the freest, greatest nation on earth.

I became actively involved in politics when I realized that my five children would not be able to make that same promise to their children if our country remained on its current path.

For the past two and a half years we have been led by a President who embraces a centralized European model of government that crushes opportunity rather than promoting it.  Our President has forced policies on the American people that have cost us millions of jobs, trillions of dollars and trampled on our Constitution.

Obama's economy has taken us from 7.5% unemployment to over 10 percent, the average price for a gallon of gas from $1.83 to almost $4.00 and has raised our national debt by over 32%, from 10.6 trillion dollars to over 14.3 trillion.  Obama's economy crushes jobs, destroys opportunity and limits freedom.

It is time for a new president.

It's time for a president with the courage to stand against our enemies without apology, the strength to lead our nation forward and the executive experience to solve the challenges we face.

It's time for a President who loves America, her people, and her Constitution.  It's time for a president who embraces America's destiny to remain forever a beacon of hope to freedom-seeking people everywhere.

It is time for Tim Pawlenty.

America requires a tough, bold, courageous, experienced leader.  Americans deserve a President who leads with character, integrity and optimism.  That leader is Tim Pawlenty and he has the record to prove it.

As Governor of one of the bluest states in the nation, Pawlenty earned reelection without compromising his conservative principles.  He grew jobs, cut spending and taxes, reformed healthcare and entitlements, and appointed strong conservative judges.

He is a chief executive who vetoed 7.5 billion dollars in tax hikes, cut spending in real terms for the first time in Minnesota's 150 year history, grew Minnesota's economy at a time when the nation's economy was failing and added jobs in 2010 at a rate of 1.6%. Nationally, Obama added jobs at just 0.5% in 2010.

He stood for the people against the abuses of Minnesota's public-sector unions.  He led the state through a 44-day transit strike and won.  He stood against the teachers unions and brought to Minnesota the nation's first system of state-wide merit pay for teachers.

And at a time when the entire nation was seeking responsible, market-based healthcare reform, he brought it to Minnesota, implementing a patient-centered, quality conscious system that has led to one of the lowest rates of uninsured and a state that was ranked the healthiest in the nation in 2009. 

Now that is an example worth copying.

But what truly qualifies the former Minnesota governor to be the next President of the United States is the man behind the record.

Tim Pawlenty grew up in a blue-collar community, working in the meat packing plants of South St. Paul and helped to care for his brothers and sisters after his mother passed away from cancer.  He understands hard work and personal sacrifice.  He is led first and foremost by love of God, family and country.

Pawlenty has the courage to tell the truth, a trait that too many Republicans and Democrats are unfamiliar with.  In Iowa he called for an end to ethanol subsidies, in Florida he called for Social Security reform and on Wall Street he called for an end to big bank bailouts. 

He is exactly the type of person we have always told our children a President should be.

The greatest threat to the future of our nation is a government that has become too big to control, too expensive to sustain and too intrusive to allow men and women to live in freedom.

I want a Commander-in-Chief who will stand with those who fight to protect our great nation, one who will forever honor the sacrifices of those who have laid themselves down to protect and defend my children and yours.

I want a President who will help me pass down to my children and grandchildren the America of unlimited opportunity that my parents passed on to me.

The 2011 GOP field of candidates is as strong as it is diverse; but Pawlenty stands out in the field. 

He is not only a strong candidate that all Republicans can feel good about supporting, he is a bold, courageous, principled leader that all Americans can be proud to tell their children "That's Tim Pawlenty.  He is our President."



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