Stephen DeMaura - Obama's Big Lottery Gamble

I wanted to make sure you had seen our piece, "Obama's Big Lottery Gamble," about the Obama administration once again bypassing Congress in order to enact their agenda.
In a little known opinion last December, President Obama's Department of Justice reversed decades of precedent, without congressional consult, changing its interpretation of the Wire Act, and essentially opening the door to legalized internet gambling. The first to take advantage of the ruling has been state lotteries, which put $17 billion annually into the government's coffer through ticket sales.

Congress expressly prohibited Internet gambling, and if the Obama administration is interested in overturning this policy, they should do so through the normal legislative process not through executive fiat.

President Obama's decision to sidestep Congress was intentional and political - and something we can expect more of in 2012. In fact, a recent New York Times piece explained "[Obama] declared, aides recalled, that the administration needed to more aggressively use executive power to govern in the face of Congressional obstructionism."

The Obama administration has overstepped the president's constitutional bounds, circumventing Congress and implementing its own agenda.  It's time for Congress to regain control of this issue.

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Stephen DeMaura
Americans for Job Security


Obama's Big Lottery Gamble
By Stephen DeMaura            
Red State                           
April 24th, 2012

"In 1961, Congress passed the Interstate Wire Act, which prohibited certain forms of gambling.  Since then, online gambling of any kind has been illegal.  As lawmakers left Washington for Christmas in 2011, however, Obama's Department of Justice reversed decades of precedent without congressional consult, ruling the Wire Act is limited to sports betting and effectively legalizing Internet gambling by removing the congressional prohibition...

"Not only did the Obama administration come to this radical verdict without congressional insight, the Department of Justice avoided a public dialogue, leaving many concerns about Internet gambling out of the national political debate...

"Looking to bump tax revenues for the year and expand the size of government, states are now moving quickly to take advantage of the new ruling.  Obama's home state of Illinois became the first in the country to sell lottery tickets online - just three months after the administration's decision. Delaware, New York, Maryland, Ohio and California are preparing for an online launch as well...

"President Obama has not only expanded the role of government in our lives, but amplified the Executive Branch's role in the legislative process... It's time for Congress to regain control of this issue and call this administration's bluff."

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