Jordan Ulery - Fringe Left on the War Path-again

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is the nation’s oldest and largest bipartisan public-private educational discussion group.  It was created to promote Jeffersonian principles of free markets, small and efficient government within representative government.  Recently some on the fringe left have criticized ALEC for legislative successes.  And what are the criticisms?  The fringe elements claim that ALEC secretly devises public policy in what can only be described as a Clintonesque “vast right-wing conspiracy” theory.  If there was such a cabal I would be interested in learning about it, perhaps I would join, perhaps not.  What are the successes of ALEC?  There are nothing less than a revitalized spirit of freedom in the market place and strengthening individual freedom.

The model legislation created by ALEC is based not upon some private interest group foisting its will upon unwitting legislators.  Instead, the model legislation is presented to a task force as a proposal, the members of that task force examine the proposed model in much the same fashion they would in their home state.  Having the input of legislators from across the nation is a great benefit in this process because the occasional parochial opinions of one state or nation are often attacked by those from other regions.  Once the proposal has met the approval of the task force, often a time consuming operation, it is reviewed by the Board of Directors of ALEC which is composed of senior legislators from across the country.  Even then this does not automatically become “law.”  No, the process goes back to the states for introduction, review, modification and, if appropriate for the state, passage.  Some of the model legislation proposed by ALEC includes Health Care reform, Re-examination of excessive environmental restrictions, Constitutionally approved fair elections legislation; government accountability to the tax payer; balanced budget Amendment; deficit reduction Amendment and similar commonsense proposals for the several sovereign states to consider for their own implementation.

In short the fringe left is opposed to open thinking and discussion of legislation apparently, as evidenced by recent proclamations by the Obama Regime, in favor of dictates by Czars, Tsars and the intellectual Ivory Towered Elite that know what is best for us all so we had better just do as we are told.  Model legislation is nothing more than the product of legislators from across the country meeting together to discuss common problem and seeking common solutions.

Other fringe elements object to ALEC as being the stooge of “Big Business.”  This attack is from the same people that idolize Steve Jobs and George Soros; who take in millions and billions of dollars in corporate and business contributions from Hollywood business executives.  Those who believe in open and free markets reject legislation that imposes onerous regulations upon business, that seeks justification for taxation based upon rationale rather than emotion and that seeks to employee more people and create better the standard of living for all.  The fringe left, on the other hand, wishes to limit business and reduce the opportunities of all in favor of a dull grey (think Mao suit) evenness that would have prevent Jobs from getting a start or Soros from opening up shop.

So what is it about ALEC that scares the fringe left?  Is it the freedom that ALEC encourages?  Is it the strengthening of the States in a revitalized federalist system of Constitutional government?  If the irrational fear resulting in outright lies is not a fear of freedom, perhaps there is something else that bothers the fringe left.  Perhaps it is the nature of the initiatives?  To answer that question we need to look at the initiatives of ALEC, they are publicly displayed in detail at www.ALEC.Org.  For convenience here is the subject matter:  Center for State Fiscal Reform; Cutting Crime and Budgets; Reducing EPA onerous Regulations; Tort Reform; Relations with the Federal Government; Health Care Reform; International Trade and the States; Prison Overcrowding; Sunshine Laws; Restoring the Constitutional Balance of power between the People, the States and the Federal government.  What is the model legislation offered for consideration by the several states?  That also is public knowledge  Really revolutionary these initiatives, working for the people in a Constitutional Republic.  It is when you desire control, you desire to direct, lead, form every aspect of a person’s life; limit individual growth and opportunity; fix a even outcome of every endeavor the spirit of Jefferson and Republicanism is a threat and an obstacle to be destroyed.  That folks is exactly why ALEC is being maliciously attacked!

Jordan Ulery


NH State Representative

162nd General Court