The Office of County Sheriff is an ancient one and rooted in English and American Common Law. It pre-dates our Constitution for the United States of America and is part of the checks and balances embedded in our Republic.
The Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the county and is duty-bound and fully authorized to protect the Citizens, their property and their Rights - from any unlawful action. “Legal” and “lawful” are not the same thing. It used to be legal to restrict one’s access to public busses based on the color of their skin. However, it was never lawful and the Sheriff should have blocked its enforcement.
In New Hampshire, the statutory requirement for election to the Office of County Sheriff is 1) a registered voter 2) 18 years of age or older. That’s it. I believe that the list is so short for good reason.
When one serves in the military or as a police officer, you are conditioned to not question or challenge authority. When told, by a superior officer, “JUMP!”, you are to answer, “How high?”. The CountySheriff answers to the Citizens of the county alone and has no superior. The Constitution and its basis in Common Law is the law of the land and must be intimately understood to be honored and enforced. When a Constitutional Sheriff is approached by a public official and told to “JUMP”, the proper answer is “Why?”.
Currently, in the law enforcement community, there is a “spirit of cooperation”. Don’t make waves. Help other county, state and federal agents in their task. However, what if their task is grossly unconstitutional?
In April, Michigan authorities “determined” that small family farms’ heritage pigs were to be classified an “invasive species”. These are the breeds of pigs our grandparents raised. Later in the month, these authorities appeared with SWAT teams, guns drawn, and forced the farmers to destroy their own pigs! This effectively put them out of business.
In July, in rural Oregon, a man was sentenced to thirty days in prison and fined $1,500 … for collecting rain water … on his own farm!
Unfortunately, there are far too many similar examples. The CountySheriffs did nothing.
A Constitutional Sheriff would never allow such travesties of justice to occur. Who would you want as your Sheriff?
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