Frank W. Szabo - Wake Up And Smell The Tyranny

I debated whether or not to write this. Would anyone really understand? Would anyone care? Would it make any difference?

My whole campaign for County Sheriff had been about helping the Citizenry. In that spirit, this is the last effort of this campaign.

The County Sheriff is a unique Office, which has the authority to protect Citizens, their property and their Rights. It matters not whether it is federal, state, or local government violations of Citizens’ Rights. Law enforcement experience is not the same thing as corporate regulation enforcement experience. Understanding the difference is paramount in being able to honor the Oath of Office, which all public officials must swear.

I took full responsibility for allowing my positions to be misrepresented. I am one man and did all that I could to present the true nature and authority of the County Sheriff to as many people as possible. It is now up to the Citizens to hold their next sheriff accountable.

In the not so distant future, when approved “food” is only produced by factory farms, when spy drones flying over American cities are a common sight, when assassinations of American Citizens are considered routine and people remember the “good ole days” when fluoride was the only toxic chemical added to the drinking water, perhaps some will remember that a Constitutional Sheriff could have prevented such violations of (what formerly were) Citizens’ Rights.

In Liberty,

Frank W. Szabo