Frank W. Szabo - For Sheriff

Do you believe that your child has a Right to sell lemonade in front of your house? Do you believe that a bank should never be allowed to take someone’s home under foreclosure without clear title? I do. I am running for Sheriff of Hillsborough County specifically to protect the Rights and property of Citizens from unlawful and unconstitutional actions by rogue government agents.
The County Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the county and reports to the people. The sheriff has no superior telling him what political agenda he has to abide by. The Constitution of New Hampshire and The Constitution of the United States of America are the laws which bind the Sheriff; and every other public official. The Oath of Office is to uphold and defend these constitutions. One of the unique authorities of the CountySheriff is that they can intervene when a public official violates their Oath of Office.
I am asking for your vote on September 11th. Find out about the true nature and authority of the County Sheriff. Go to for articles, videos, documentation and legal references which all support this concept of sheriff as protector – part of the checks and balances embedded in our Constitutional Republic.
In Liberty,

Frank W. Szabo
Candidate for Hillsborough County Sheriff