Karen Testerman - Endorses Kevin Smith For Governor

September 11 is just around the corner and we as voters will have the opportunity to put forth the best candidate for Governor. We have a choice. In this most important election year we have the chance to make some real progress towards reapplying the values and principles of our Founding Fathers.

Over the past several years, I have had the privilege of working with and observing the behavior and records of both Republican Gubernatorial candidates. While neither candidate is perfect, there are distinct qualities that stand out. Kevin Smith has demonstrated his ability to lead in a variety of situations in the private non-profit world and in government. Kevin has shown his ability to set a vision and to grow Cornerstone Policy Research from a struggling organization to one with a substantial operating budget. He has worked with many government and private organizations to develop programs to benefit the residents in the Department of Juvenile Justice.

A strong family man, I believe Kevin is best qualified to lead the State of New Hampshire in growth in business and economically while being financial responsible to her citizens. Therefore, I am pleased to endorse Kevin Smith for Governor.


Karen Testerman