A Call to Arms?

By Phil Greazzo, candidate for Ward 10 Alderman.

We all want to keep our neighborhoods and families safe. I think that’s something nearly everyone agrees on. Residents of Manchester are no exception to the instinctive nature of self preservation.

So, why would Chris Pappas, chairman of the city Democratic party, choose to attack Manchester’s law abiding citizens who would exercise their second amendment rights? Politics of course.

In response to a Manchester Republican Committee Machine Gun Shoot event, Mr. Pappas called it "not just in poor taste; it is downright offensive."

What is offensive is implying that law-abiding citizens who choose to shoot for sport are equally as dangerous as criminals. I guess if Mr. Pappas had it his way, no one would be allowed to participate inshooting sports, hunt, or arm and protect themselves. The only people with guns would be criminals who ignore the law anyway.

I for one support the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. In fact I rely on it, and would suggest our citizenry become more familiar with it. On more than one occasion I’ve needed to rely on those rights because of the behavior of one neighbor’s unruly guests.

For the most part my neighborhood is great, except for the many guests of one particular neighbor. I’ve had my tires slashed, been threatened with violence for merely sitting on my front steps, endured trash and puke on my property from the endless parties they have had out on the sidewalk.

Last year, I caught one of these "guests" urinating on my house. When I shined a spotlight and yelled out the window at him, he nearly came through that window where I was sitting with my young daughter. Once the< rest of the"gang" heard the commotion, they got involved. There were five of them and only one of me.

Again, just two weeks ago, I heard noise coming from my garage out back. I went to investigate and found six people hiding in my yard who suddenly rushed out at me. Six people who were guests of that same neighbor. Thankfully, as I drew my weapon to defend myself from another possible attack, half a dozen Manchester Police officers rushed past me and arrested all six for criminal trespassing. Thanks Sgt. Olsen!

Chris Pappas continues, "The citizens of Manchester have lived through a deadly spike in violent crime the past year-and-a-half, despite the campaign promises of (Mayor) Frank Guinta to lower crime rates.” He concludes with, "That the mayor's political party would seek to glorify the use of machine guns for political gainis unconscionable."

What’s unconscionable is blaming Mayor Guinta for a problem he inherited from the previous administration, and implying he is somehow responsible for the behavior of the criminal element. I for one applaud Mayor Guinta’s effort to reduce crime and increase public safety. He’s done a tremendous job making this a safer city.

It’s because of Mayor Guinta we have increased patrols in West Manchester, and because of my right to keep and bear arms, I haven’t suffered injury or death at the hands of those who disregard the law.

What’s equally as unconscionable is that Mr. Papas would like to have readers believe that the Manchester GOP in its promotion of this event is somehow promoting or advocating violentcrime. Any rational thinking person would easily understand the difference.