Distractions and the Bottom Line

by Orion K. Daley

2008 Presidential Candidate Balanced Party

We are inundated with many distractions such as the question of our privacy, immigration , Nukes getting stolen, camps tucked away where we can be herded to, and the list goes on. Then of course we have consumerism that gets its bandwidth also in our awareness; and then left with our personal lives and its own day to day issues.

But look what happened recently with mortgages. This has to do with our health , safety and welfare. When Candidates talk about our National Security, only second tho Bush, its focus is not on our economy where it should be. As with out this we have no National Security.

In the recent Republican debate, Fred Thomson was asked a very simple question about our Economy. It looked like the rest of the Republican Candidates felt spared the question, and the Democrats were probably thankful for not having it posed to them.

The Dow Index represents a good portion of our stock market, where if high as opposed to low, should indicate a good stock market. But consider the following contradiction.

In short, the question was, 'with a Dow index that is so high as it is, and an S&P 500 likewise, then why in parts of the country isn't the economy better' . That is not a direct quote of the question.

The actors answer, noted that 'although the economy was good, that there were "some pockets" in it that still had issues'. That is also not a direct quote.

The question to you is , would you rather have your investment being managed as in 1999 with a Dow index of 10,000 and the Euro at about 45 to 50 cents, or today with a Dow of 14,000 and a Euro at about $1.40 ?

In the reality of the world markets, the US dollar is roughly about 1/3 of what its value was in 1999. So today's Dow at "14,000" at US dollar value in 1999, would be actually at "4,670" in 1999 Dow Index value, or -5,200 or so from where it was. This is not necessarily very accurate, but is about less than half of when George Bush took office.

This does not really say much about a good economy, but does forewarn us that we must recover it instead. It also forewarns us what incompetent leadership can cost. In other words, our Economy, which affords our health , safety and welfare, which is our National Security.

When we put our economy to work for our nation is when we will recover it, and not before then. Until we do, we also ca not afford OPEC Oil which countries in Europe can easily afford. We are faced sealing it from Iraq instead.

We cannot have our imminent domain on Iraqi Oil, and the manifest destiny of their Country, as this has always failed any nation at the cost of other ones. Yet we are stuck in a black hole that we must embrace as it does not affect just our soldiers, but all of us.

As we are convinced of a world around us that swirls to fast to keep up with on the issues brought to our awareness everyday, it is counted on that we do tune out. In this manner we can then be herded not to camps, but to the will of others desires. The North American Union is one as it obviates any commitments in how things work for us now , such as our Constitution. To what end can only be measured in how Democracy is to serve Capitalism.

But to recover our Economy, Capitalism must serve Democracy. We will be a far richer nation for all, including monetarily as well as being able to minimize our world conflicts through economic solutions when we put the economy to work for our nation as opposed to the few.

Orion Karl Daley
Presidential Candidate for 2008
Author - The New Deal ISBN: 1419670948
for the Strategic Future of our nation
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