Leave no Vet behind !

by Orion Karl Daley

(2008 Balanced Party Candidate)

From the Promise:Veterans Services: will be further augmented in scope for the dignity and benefits of our veterans. This is to include but not be limited to the following: Medical benefits, Financial Assistance, Veteran Family Assistance, and vocational training and provide a support net into State/Community Level Support Programs.

Our Veterans are hailed as heroes when they march in Uniform, but when they are fortunate enough to return, in many ways they may still be where we sent them. Wounds can be physical in the loss of parts of them, as well as parts of their spirit can be shattered. When you provide vocational technology training assistance it is simply one less hill for them to climb.

o Veterans Hospitals are to be further funded to adequately provide assistance in case load. Veterans Hospitals will not be short on supplies nor required staff to serve our Veterans.

o Veteran Hospital workers are to be rated by the patients. If the Vets believe that the worker serves them , then they are welcomed to retain their jobs. If the ratings are not acceptable, the worker is to be replaced with one who will care about the vets. It is more than a job of employment in taking care of the vets, it is to be considered an honor.

o Return to Duty is to be by choice by the Vet when and if the government determines that the Vet is fit for duty. It has been a volunteer military force, and should remain that way.

o Vets will not have to wait until sometime in the future for assistance but will get the assistance programs that they need.

o There will be NO deductibles for Vets of any category. Medical, Psychological, and Sociological Assistance will be readily available.

o There are to be no Injury Ratings, as injury is injury, and this is not about car insurance, but about American people. Disabled Vets are not to be covered as some form of property, but in how they are to recover and get back to life as Americans.

o A Vet wounded is a Vet who is wounded. There is not discrimination to be permitted in terms of Combat, or non combat related injuries to the self when in active military service.

o Loans will be made available for Vets who seek financial assistance and demonstrate use in the vocational training and Community Support Net Level Programs. Such loans will be below normal bank interest rates for equivalent loans.

o Veteran Family Assistance is to be provided in scope, but not be limited to the following: + Grants for Family Assistance + Qualification of Family head of Household to assume Veteran Benefits when loosing an immediate family member in active military service

Orion Karl Daley
Orion Karl Daley
Balanced Party Presidential Candidate  for 2008