by Peter Bearse


John McCain’s presidential campaign is alive and well in New Hampshire. A small army of volunteers means a lot more than money for TV ads. There have been many well-attended “Town Hall” meetings, stand-outs and sign waves at major intersections, and McCain marchers in “Old Home Day” and holiday parades. Now, we’re preparing for the Sept. 5th debates at UNH in Durham.

When the anxiously awaited “Petraeus Report” comes out in the week following the debates, the wisdom of Senator McCain’s position on Iraq will be proven right. Other candidates will have to run for cover or try another spin.

Some say the Senator is a shill for Bush. Nothing could be further from the truth. He has always been, and ever will be, his own man, telling the truth (“straight talk”) as he sees it. Bush is a man who never knew war and so too readily got us into one. The man of peace is one who knows war, a real hero who has suffered for his country. That is McCain.

John McCain is also like an old shoe. The fit gets better as you walk with him.