Random thoughts on recent Political developments

by Marshall Cobleigh

 Jeanne Shaheen's latest poll driven diatribe stating that "The California wildfires are a direct result of President Bush's failure to have his administration do something about global warming" is the most patently ridiculous political statement that I have heard in my 77 years on this planet. Any day now after Sheehan looks at her next political poll I expect her to release a statement claiming that the holocaust was a direct result of President Bush and Sununu's failure to act on sexual predators.

And speaking of sexual predators can anyone give a rational reason why the Human Rights Campaign, a gay rights group contributed $145,000 dollars to various NH democrat campaigns in cash, leveraged contributions and in kind services. Is there goal to make Ray Buckley king, or simply to join the fight to crack down on sexual predators.

Is Jeanne Shaheen going to continue to rely on Ray Buckley for political dirty tricks, while she issues her weekly attacks against sexual predators. Talk about a poll driven politician!

On another subject does Judd Gregg really believe that Willard Romney has any other strongly held belief except that he will and do anything it requires to get to be President. Will the American bald eagle be replaced by a weather vane as our national emblem?

John Lynch meanwhile keeps smiling without yet taking a courageous but unpopular stand on any subject in almost three years as our governor.