Romney's Profiles in Hypocracy

by Marshall Cobleigh

I for one am sick of Mitt Romney's Profiles in Hypocrisy!

One of his radio ad says "I signed the tax pledge because I want everyone to know where I stand." Yet when he was running for governor in Massachusetts he refused to sign the same pledge because "it was government by gimmickry and while he opposes tax increases, he did not want to sign anything to tie his hands in office."

One of his tv ads says "He was one republican who stood up and cut spending instead of raising taxes." "Instead of raising taxes, Romney raised $700 million by increasing fees and increasing corporate taxes."

At the recent Michigan debate Romney said "I am in favor of the line item veto. I exercised it 844 times." He fails to mention that the Fact truth squad shows that 707 of Romney's line item vetoes(more than 80%) were overridden by the Massachusetts legislature and had no effect on his government's spending.

In Keene he told a NRA member "I have been a hunter pretty much all of my life." He later admitted he hunted once as a teen-ager and once in his late 50's. He stated "I have a gun of my own." He later stated "his son owns guns not him." He boasted about his membership in the National Rifle Association, but later admitted "he joined less than a year ago."

He says "he now opposes gay marriage," but as a Massachusetts governor candidate Romney sought and received the endorsement of the Log Cabin Republican Club which promotes gay rights.

He claims to be a crime fighter but doesn't tell us that during his term as governor from 2002 to 2006 murders in Massachusetts were up 7.5% and up 25% in Boston and robberies were up 12% and burglaries were up 6.%

Romney brags about his health care bill in Massachusetts. House Speaker Sal DiMasi says On healthcare, its nothing new from Mitt Romney- he supports our law when it suits him and he runs away from it when it benefits his political ambition. "Its fairer to say our bill, with the hallmark provision of shared responsibility from individuals, employers and providers became despite Mitt Romney not because of him."

 The Cato Institute says "You must consider the massive costs to taxpayers that his universal health care plan inflict after he leaves office."

Romney in his latest tv ad claims "to represent the Republican wing of the Republican Party." Yet he admits to voting for Democrat Paul Tsongas for president and supporting and contributing to big spending Dick Swett for Congress.

Romney answered a question in the recent debate about "whether a president would need authorization from Congress to attack Iran," by saying "You sit down with your attorneys and they tell you what you have to do..." Rudy Guiliano told the Fox News editorial board "I can't imagine John F. Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis saying I will check with my lawyers."

Did you know that Romney's real first name is Willard, not Mitt. Just another example of his phoniness. 

One of Romney's TV ads says "He enforced immigration laws. This isn't the time for us to shrink from conservative principles." During his administration the Massachusetts State Police used a company to clean its barracks that employed many undocumented immigrants and he even used illegal immigrants to mow his own front lawn.

Does anyone in America really know where Romney stands on the tax pledge, cutting spending, raising taxes & fees, line item vetoes, hunting, gun ownership, NRA membership, gay marriage, crime fighting, health care, supporting democrats and immigration. The record above shows he has been on both sides of all of these issues.

As Ted Kennedy said in their 1994 debate "Romany is not pro choice as he now claims- He is really for multiple choices."

PT Barnum once said "Fool me once its your fault, Fool me twice its my fault."    

What we are really talking about here is truthfulness and character. It is my belief that Mitt Romney will say anything he thinks you want to hear in order to get elected.

Historian Michael Beschloss said "Throughout our history, at times of crisis and urgent national needs, it is important for a president to summon the courage to dismiss what is merely popular and the wisdom to do what is in the people's long term interest."

Abraham Lincoln said "I must keep some standard of principle fixed within myself."

Harry Truman said "The ultimate test of a decision was not whether or not it was popular at that time, but whether it was right. If it was right make it and let the popular part take care of itself."

JFK after supporting the unpopular in the democrat south civil rights bill said "If we are going to go down-  lets go down on a matter of principle."

Based on the above record does anyone really believe that we know what Mitt Romney truly believes? Do you believe that if Mitt Romney were president that he would do what is currantly popular or what is in the long term interest of the American people?