Shaheen Shouldn't Run

by Joe McGuire

Please God don't let Jeanne Shaheen run for John Sununu's senate seat. No doubt, Sununu is a GOP party tool, and he MUST be replaced with a democrat. But Shaheen can't be the best we can find?

What did she ever do to be the fair-haired child of the NH Democratic Party? Shaheen didn't do anything of lasting importance as governor. She tippy-toed around the real issues like education and taxes with an eye to her own career. She lost to a lightweight like Sununu Jr. then she helped John Kerry snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

I don't want to contest a well funded Bushie like Sununu with a proven loser. NH democrats aren't died in the wool liberals, they're centrist / reformed republicans. A do nothing left wing liberal does not necessarily trump a Sununu

The fact that her name is being trial ballooned as a Sununu contender, means we have the same old Democratic party apparatus making their same old, tired decisions hoping against hope that Bush's lack of popularity will carry their day - not that they have any new ideas of their own. They can't think past Billary or Shaheen. Pretty pathetic!

How about John Lynch? He seems like he's in it for real, and not just to make a name for himself.

This country needs real change, not the same old worn out baggage from yesterday's lost elections.