Shaheen Starts Out: 2 False Statements & 1 Retraction

by Marshall Cobleigh

 Jeanne Shaheen's campaign is off to a typical shady start. In her announcement speech there are at least two false statements: She claimed that her record as Governor "did it all while still balancing the budget and holding the line on taxes and we want to get back to fiscal accountability"

The facts are that it took 79 governors two hundred years to bring State spending to $1 Billion. In six years as governor Jeanne Shaheen doubled state spending up to a whopping $2 Billion. Is that the type of fiscal accountability she wants to bring to Washington?
As for her claim of a we did it with a balanced budget do you remember when she left office with an estimated deficit of $300 Million. Craig Benson whittled that down before the end of the fiscal year but her claim of leaving the state with a balanced budget is clearly false.
As for her alleged holding the line on taxes remember Jeanne Shaheen imposed the first broad based statewide property tax and fought vigorously for a statewide sales tax. It was the legislature that stopped the state sales tax not Jeanne Shaheen. 
On 9/19 Shaheen told the Concord Monitor that she did not regret her 2002 position supporting the Iraq war saying "I think that I represented the position of most of the american people" (she is really saying as usual I took a political poll and thats what the poll said)
One half hour after the interview her press agent called the Monitor and said "Shaheen misheard the question" Later Shaheen herself called the Monitor and said she "regretted her 2002 Iraq question and if I had known what I know now, I would have taken a diferrent position."(That means she has seen a new poll.)