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Rep. Manuse: We’re all Free Staters Now!

As the election approaches on Tuesday, you’ll hear many folks who love big government talk about their favorite bogeyman: The Free Stater.

You may recall SEIU President Diane Lacey called House Speaker William O’Brien a “Free Stater” on WMUR during his effort to pass a balanced budget that lowered the spending, taxes, fees and regulations that were stifling job creation. How dare she! Now, so many Republicans (and Democrats) running for office are “Free Staters,” even gubernatorial candidate Ovide Lamontagne. Oh no! They’re coming to give you your freedom, ha ha. They’re going to let you keep your money, ha ha, hee hee, ho ho.

Folks, don’t let this type of “name calling” scare you–not even today, because if you love limited government, individual liberty, personal responsibility and free markets, you’re a Free Stater, too. That’s right, folks. We’re all Free Staters now!

Who wouldn’t want to be a Free Stater, after all? And, what are the alternatives of those applying that label to Speaker O’Brien and many of the candidates running for a seat in our next Legislature? These are two very important questions to answer before considering whether the label should be taken as an insult or as a badge of honor.

But let’s back up a bit and focus on New Hampshire, a state made up of Yankee Republicans, Blue Dog Democrats and Independents whohave always been tight with their money, self reliant and carefree about what other people do with their own property, so long as there’s a fence in between that clearly marks the boundaries. New Hampshire is a state without an income tax and general sales tax, and yet citizens here think people should pay their fair share toward our mutual protection based on the amount of land they have taken for themselves. We treasure our small businesses, our innovators and our adventurers, and we long to live deliberately, using our days to do the things we want to do, for better or for worse. What’s better outside of heaven?

Now enter the Free Staters, a group of people born in more intrusive states who wanted to move to New Hampshire so we could live our lives the New Hampshire way. After all, New Hampshire was already a state that more closely reflected our political attitudes. Free Staters abandoned the politics of their former states when they came here with a promise to restore New Hampshire to the New Hampshire way. In other words, they left their former states to come home. We know that many New Hampshire residents came here from other states for the same reasons, even though they weren’t officially part of the Free State Project. That’s why it was just plain common sense for Free Staters to pick New Hampshire. That’s why we’d like to welcome Bill O’Brien and others like him to join our ranks.

Unfortunately, a different group of out-of-staters now wants to make New Hampshire into the places they all left behind. You see, the politicos using “Free Stater” as a derogatory term are a group of people who simply don’t like the New Hampshire way. Many of these folks, such as the Democratic Minority Leader and former Speaker Terri Norelli, who is from New Jersey, brought her New Jersey politics with her to the “Live Free or Die” state. As Speaker, Norelli passed many of the Nanny State laws that assume government knows better than you do, whether you’re trying to start a business, get a job, raise and educate your children or take care of your own property. Consider Maggie Hassan, who brought her Massachusetts spending and taxing habits with her to the New Hampshire Senate. God forbid we let her do it to us again as governor.

Norelli and Hassan want to take more of your money and give it to their friends who work for the government, until they make more than the rest of us who work for ourselves and want to build our own future. Not only that, former Speaker Norelli and former Senate President Hassan want more people to work for the government, and they want these new officials to use their newly created positions to tell the rest of us how to live our lives. In these out-of-staters’ New Hampshire, the government knows best and the rest of us simply need to fall into line.

Voters rightly rejected this snake oil in 2010, and they shouldn’t want to take another taste. To this writer, the name callers’ New Hampshire looks a lot more like New Jersey or Massachusetts, and a lot less like the traditional New Hampshire that has always been a bit of an island of common sense in a sea of big government waste and centralized control.

Free Staters believe in New Hampshire, because we believe in the New Hampshire way of trusting each individual to be an adult who can make his or her own decisions, and then make the best life possible with the consequences. We believe in New Hampshire, because we believe in helping our neighbors through private charity and acts of compassion of our own choosing. We believe in New Hampshire because we don’t believe government is the answer to our problems, but rather a problem itself when it gets too big. We believe in New Hampshire because we know that “low taxes are the result of low spending.” We believe in New Hampshire, because we believe limited government governs best, and that the people are perfectly capable of governing their own lives when they are afforded their natural liberties and personal responsibility to pursue their own idea of happiness.

I have to think that everyone, except those who personally benefit from government control, would agree with what I’ve written here. And that’s why I will assert once more: “We are all Free Staters now!”


Jackie Cilley - It’s Time To Take the Streets Again

Does anyone recall any of the 2010 candidates running on a platform of eliminating insurance coverage for contraception?  You didn’t?  Well, you’re not alone.  There was not one word about doing something so draconian, but that’s what they are slipping through now.

In a continuation of attacks on the women of New Hampshire, including the removal of adequate protections against domestic violence, the NH House passed HR 29 to require Congress to allow employers to deny healthcare coverage for contraception.  In another amendment attached to a non-germane bill, the House is attempting to unravel 13 years of bipartisan support for healthcare coverage for contraception.

The Free State/Tea Partiers in our legislature are effectively telling New Hampshire women they don’t have the right to determine when to start their family or to control their own reproductive healthcare.

As utterly regressive as these actions were, a statement by Rep. Lynne Blankenbeker, r, Concord, was simply jaw-dropping.  During a committee hearing, Rep. Blankenbeker said the women of our state could avoid an unwanted or untimely pregnancy “with simple over-the-counter remedies such as abstinence or condoms.”  The first is likely to lead to significant levels of domestic disharmony and the latter has a high failure rate.

Our grandmothers marched in the streets and suffered untold humiliations to win us the right to have a say in governing ourselves.  Ladies (and pro-equality gentlemen), it looks like it is time to take to the streets again!


Listen Up About the Free State of New Hampshire

Everyone, what follows below is an edited email I've just sent to a certain individual who lives in Weare, NH. The sentiments in the email reverberate and are important for every other state house district in New Hampshire also. If you live in a district that has elected Democrats to the state house in the past, now is the time to step up and recruit Republicans to run, for all of the reasons outlined below. FYI.  ---Tim

Dear "Barry Goldwater": I now get back in touch with you to continue what we were talking about, and to emphasize the importance of the upcoming election. I'm asking for your help in recruiting candidates from Weare that you know are Good (with a capital G). As you may be aware, the election in 8 months will be the last one under the current districts (which were imposed on us by the state supreme court some years ago; they are an obvious mess, and were designed to favor statist Democrats). Thanks to the state constitutional amendment that was conceived of and drafted by Paul Mirsky, the state supreme court will never again be able to seize power like a black-robed junta and redistrict the state.

In addition, because the Democrats have just about fiscally destroyed New Hampshire over the past six years---bequeathing us a historically unprecedented $600 million state budget deficit---the upcoming elections should result in a very large increase in the number of Republicans in the state house. Now, I know that you and others disdain Republicans just as much as you do Democrats. Because of the destruction of the party brand over the last 8 years by President Bush and others in Washington, DC, that feeling is well-founded. Except for Ron Paul, the ideals of libertarian-conservatism championed by Robert Taft, Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, and others have been pretty much sidelined. But that's changing in New Hampshire (and other places too, witness Pat Toomey in Pa., Marco Rubio in Fla., Chuck DeVore in Calif., Paul Ryan, Michelle Bachmann, Jim DeMint, and many others). The thing is, if libertarian-conservatives in New Hampshire won't run for office, then we can expect the GOP to continue to be controlled by unprincipled, DC-oriented party hacks. 

Fortunately, that ain't happening. We currently have dozens of Republican state reps with A+, A, and A- grades on the NHLA report card (and no Democrats at all). Ditto for the House  Republican Alliance, where there are dozens with scores of 90% or better. The numbers are increasing. But the only way to expand them is to ensure that responsible liberty-lovers to run for the state house (no nut-cases, please; we've got serious work to do in correcting the damage done to the state by the Democrats over the past 6 years). That's why I was asking about Weare, which shares an 8-seat district with Goffstown. Current state house reps in that district include the excellent Cal Pratt (A), John Hikel (A+), Gary Hopper (A), and Neal Kurk (A).  But you've also got a D+ Democrat in the district, and Republicans with C's holding office. Why not replace them with all A's? Mark Warden is running, and will be great. He's from Goffstown. So are John Hikel, and Cal Pratt. But we also need good candidates from Weare. You know everyone, and you could run yourself if you wanted to. How about this: Just this election. One term and no more, in order to ensure that the state is steered back to sanity in 2011 and 2012. Then don't run again. Just once. (Besides, you might like it.) 

If you won't (and I expect you won't), then how about helping by sending some Very Good Candidates who are willing to run, to talk to John Hikel? (He's the only A+ in your district.) Whoever runs in the upcoming election in 8 months as a Republican is going to win. We don't need RINO's who vote with the Democrats and will do more damages to the state (in fact, I've been working for the past year to identify and target those types of fake-Republicans). There's never been a better time for liberty-loving candidates to run as Republicans than right now. We have three months left to sign up our candidates. The deadline is in June. If we get good candidates for the state house from all over the state to run, our efforts will pay off big-time for the state and people of New Hampshire. Think about it.

Timothy Condon, Esq.