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Shannon McGinley - Republicans will only win when they fully embrace their platform

By Shannon McGinley, acting executive director, Cornerstone

In today’s technology driven election climate, it’s not enough for Cornerstone to promote pro-family candidates among issue advocates to make sure a conservative agenda resonates with voters. If Republicans want to win, the Republican Party and its top-ticket candidates must develop recognizable pro-family concepts in their campaigns and fully embrace the conservative cause.

Cornerstone can preach to the choir all it wants, but without a modern political party machine to research, target and reach out to new voters and then get them to the polls armed with conservative facts, the choir just won’t add up to a winning tally. The Democrats understood this dynamic, which is why they won, despite their underlying extremism. Republicans denied they were under attack as the enemy overcame them. They assumed voters would pretend social issues aren’t part of modern politics at the same time that Democrats defined Republican positions on these issues for them.

It didn’t help matters that taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood spent between $5 million and $7 million on the election, joining Democrats in their misinformation campaign that alleged Republicans want to take away women’s birth control options. According to The Hill, the abortion business saw a 98 to 99 percent return on its election spending investment. This type of spending is certainly a formidable enemy for Republicans who, in large part, simply want to reduce the number of abortions and make sure taxpayers aren’t paying for men and women’s contraceptives against their will.

All it would have taken to set the record straight was some defensive Republican messaging explaining Republican positions on these issues and an offensive strike explaining the Democratic lies and their underlying extremism. Yes, Republicans are at a monetary disadvantage because they don’t rely on taxpayers to fund their campaigns and they use private donations instead. But Republicans have to prove their more frugal approach will work in government by making it work electing conservatives to office.

The Democratic Party just removed the last quasi pro-family issue from their platform; namely, that “abortion should be safe … and rare.” To add insult to injury, Democrats included a new provision that promotes taxpayer-funded abortions. President Obama has consistently defended barbaric procedures such as partial-birth abortion and leaving an infant out to die of starvation when an abortion procedure fails. If the new Democratic platform becomes reality, people who morally object to abortion would be forced to pay for these procedures against their will.

These are easy pickings for Republicans. According to Gallup polls this year (here and here), most Americans are pro-life, and the great majority of those who think abortion should be legal would restrict the procedure to rare circumstances. In other words, voters prefer the Republican platform, and if they knew about it, they would find the Democratic platform outrageous.

When Democrats said Republicans were at war with women, Republicans remained silent on the issues and let themselves be defined that way. When Democrats said Republicans planned to eliminate access to contraceptives, Republicans didn’t explain that they simply believe men and women should pay for their own birth control, vasectomies or condoms. When Democrats said Republicans wanted to stifle immigration reform or end public support for higher education, Republicans didn’t approach single-issue voters with their actual positions. Republicans let single-issue voters believe the fabrications and exaggerations of Democrats across the board, and those voters responded accordingly.

Likewise, Democrats exclaimed that Republicans planned to take away Medicare from seniors. Yet, it was the president himself, in his infamous Obamacare bill, who took away millions of dollars from successful free market elements of the program and devoted them to the failing Medicaid system, instead. He added millions of Americans to Medicaid at a time when doctors are fleeing the program or their practice altogether because the numbers don’t add up for them. Republicans didn’t explain that the president was making Medicare less accessible for seniors; they didn’t explain that Democrats were making it harder for lower income families to get good medical care. These were easy targets for Republicans, but they let Democrats define the issues instead. Seniors and lower-income families came out and voted Democrat because of it.

If the Republican Party has any hope of returning to power, Republicans must embrace their party’s platform and reach out to voters with it. Republicans can’t rely on their old sources of information about voters, they have to get out in the world and find new voters who believe in the same things but just don’t know it. In short, Republicans have to ask for votes and explain why their way is better, or they just simply won’t win elections.


Carolyn McKinney - We let Democrats define the terms of our defeat

By Carolyn McKinney, chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire

When Democrats set the terms of the 2012 campaign for state and federal offices, Republican leaders blew their horns about jobs and the economy and counted on their position of strength and the glaring weaknesses in their enemy’s lines to secure victory. Republicans lost because they forgot to tell the troops about the Democratic weaknesses. Democrats took advantage of the oversight and rolled over the field.

Democratic victories last Tuesday quite simply reflected a tactical failure of top-ticket Republicans to defend the party’s message. This wasn’t a failure of Republican principles, but a failure to define and defend Republican principles. Democrats successfully distracted voters with complete fabrications of reality, and Republicans let them do it without response.  

Predictably, Republican Party leaders assumed that the people had enough of the social issues and wanted to focus on the economy instead—and by in large, Republicans successfully governed on economic recovery issues during the past two years. Democrats understood the visceral nature of social issues and successfully tarnished liberty as the enemy of their carefully crafted relationship between business and government. Republicans didn’t respond, despite the prescient need. They thought that by ignoring the problem it would go away.

Even if it was a good idea—and I strongly contend that it is not—the Republican Party is never going to rid itself of social conservatives, and it won’t dismiss the libertarian faction either, if the libertarians don’t dismiss themselves, first. Due to the way the two-party system has been solidified in state and federal law, neither group has anywhere else to go if it wants any influence, and neither will the Republican Party have any influence without these two groups.

The only solution is for the Republican Party to fully embrace its platform, which is actually more conservative and libertarian than anything else. Had Republican leaders chosen to explain the Republican Party to voters, they just might have received some votes.

In other words, a “big tent” Republican Party includes moderates and the socially agnostic, but let’s be clear: the tent is held up by conservatives and libertarians. There is no tent without them. There’s just Democrats and Democrats-lite. I contend that New Hampshire truly wants neither—and so goes the nation.

Enough with the rhetoric, here’s some realism: Faced with the ludicrous and fallacious Democratic idea that Republicans want to end all abortions and take contraceptives away from women, Republicans should have explained that Roe v. Wade is the law of the land until it’s overturned. And at the same time, they should have explained that there are alternatives to abortion; that women deserve other options, such as child care services, especially if they’re going to college (tuition certainly does pay for it already). 

Republicans should have turned the tables on Democrats: “Who are the real extremists? Who removed from their platform the goal that abortion be ‘safe and rare’? Who supports living children being murdered when their body is already outside the womb? Who supports letting infants die on a surgical table because their abortion went wrong? Who wants taxpayers to foot the bill for this stuff? Really? Even if they morally object? Doesn’t a human being have an inalienable right to life, endowed by his or her Creator? So, tell me again why Democrats oppose Republican proposals to decrease the number of abortions in favor of alternative solutions that both respect women and favor life.”

Without a doubt, Democrats had the extreme agenda, but we didn’t tell voters about it! 

Let’s be clear: We Republicans can change some of our policy positions to more consistently represent the principles in our platform. On immigration, for instance, there millions of inalienably free human beings who simply want to live a better life in America, but our laws don’t allow it. While Republicans are known to support the rule of law, we are also known to be a group that favors Judeo-Christian values, which include love and charity. We must craft a common sense solution that balances the rule of law and the reality that these illegal immigrants must be treated with the dignity that we must afford to all human beings. We also must recognize that the large illegal immigrant population contributes to our economy in important ways, and we need to stop catering to the people who resist a common sense policy that allows for the free trade of labor across national boundaries. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for citizenship for all; that’s something that has to be earned. But a guest worker program would certainly go a long way to help the market meet its needs for labor without sacrificing national sovereignty or identity, and it would also be more conservative.

The bottom line is this: Republicans need to unite around their platform or they’ll all be lost to the isolation of their own personal perfection. There’s no doubt that herding cats is difficult, but that is the task for those who lead people who want to be free. Let’s hope they get it right next time, for the sake of us all.


Peter Bearse - ON GAY “MARRIAGE”

The issue of gay marriage is not a civil rights issue. The civil rights movement arose because of racial discrimination that blatantly foreclosed or limited black opportunities to obtain the basics of human sustenance, including education, housing, financing, employment, and fair pay for equal work. There is no comparison between the gay minority and the black minority communities in these and other aspects of “civil rights.” As the work of Richard Florida on the “creative economy” has made clear, the gay community is advantaged, not disadvantaged. That is one reason why gays are seen as an asset to cities. They help, for example, to gentrify black and other lower income neighborhoods. They typically have higher incomes and greater wealth than most Americans. 

So, if gay marriage is not a “civil rights” issue, what sort of issue is it? It is a matter of public vs. private. The gay marriage movement is a noisy minority insisting that public law should assign public value to private behavior. Unlike the (at first) “noisy minority” pressing for civil rights, it is not a movement to change public law to honor our most cherished public values, constitutional or otherwise. Gay sex has nothing to do with the public purposes of either sex or marriage. Heterosexual sex is the greatest gift of evolution. It arose over millennia for a fundamental reason: so that species could survive and further evolve through the generation of difference and variety. So, gay marriage is contrary to evolution and the progress of human life. The issue is just that fundamental.

So, fellow citizens who are homosexual: We recognize your right to live your private lives in ways that you choose. Most of us don’t give a damn about what you do in your bedrooms. We support your efforts to remove any vestiges of sexual discrimination in employment, insurance, contracts and other aspects of civil law. BUT we will not agree to relabel the public institution of marriage to suit your private preferences – that gay marriage be recognized as having public value equivalent to that of heterosexual marriage. At issue, fundamentally, is the nature of the human family – how children are procreated and raised to be fully human – of how the human species advances in a world of differences. Homosexual couples cannot conceive a child. It takes a man and a woman to make a baby and, even more important, to properly raise a child to assume a fully mature role in human society. Values inconsistent with the creation, maintenance and advance of human life are not maintainable as public values.       

Other than politics, there is no reason to assign public value to private behavior in this matter. What kind of “politics” are at work here? – nothing more than conventional interest group politics, where money talks. Gay activists are indulging in a politics as American as apple pie, but we have finally come to see just how sour that pie is. It is the politics that have soured our nation’s finances and overall economy and corrupted our Congress – the politics that uses public power for private gain. Why should politics, with its typical orientation to short-term, self-serving advantage, be allowed to carry the day on the redefinition of marriage, that which has provided the fundamental foundation for human society over millennia? How would you label efforts to effect such a redefinition? Presumptuous? How vain can some politicians be, to think that they can play with the fundamentals of human life? How about destructive, too, in the careless exercise of political powers?    

The objections raised by gay activists to the protests of the great American majority would be recognized as little more than hearsay in any court. They would therefore be dismissed as evidence. Gay claims in the small minority of states where it has been allowed are that gay marriage has not been destructive or disruptive, had a bad influence on children being raised in gay “families,” undermined basic American values, etc. Yet, studies to back up these  claims have not been done, especially regarding the most important influence of all – on the multigenerational effects of gays raising children without any significant influences of other sexes during the most critical years of their upbringing. Until such studies have been completed, subjected to scientific peer review and found to support gay claims, such claims must be dismissed as little more than self-serving gay-activist propaganda.  

Politicians, especially NH state senators: For a real change, listen to the great American majority, deliberate carefully, take the long view, and then dismiss pressures to honor gay marriage.

                PETER BEARSE, Ph.D., Independent Republican Candidate for Congress, 4/20/09



The K of C, a Roman Catholic fraternal order, was founded in 1882 by Fr. Michael McGivney in the basement of St. Mary's Church, New Haven, CT. The principles are Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. Membership is predominantly laymen and priests have free life membership. A third of the 1.8 million members purchase the insurance benefits. The K of C gave a record $151 million to charity in 2009, $116 million of it from local/state councils. Only $1.9 million (down $1.5m from 2008) of $34.6 million in K of C HQ Charitable Contributions in 2009 went to Pro-Life, but the K of C Museum in New Haven got almost treble -  $5.6 million (up $1.8m from 2008)


The K of C claims to be the “Strong right arm of the Church”! Yet Carl Anderson, the Supreme Knight since 2000 ($1,179,762/yr), fails to suspend/expel the many Pro-Abortion/Pro-Homosexual politicians. In his ten- minute self-serving Greetings from the Supreme Knight to the 2010 State Conventions video, he never mentioned the Right to Life or marriage. This is very grave given that he is a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life, the Pontifical Council for the Family and is a consultant to the Pro-Life Committee of the USCCB (Supreme Knight Message to State Conventions  Flash format Click here). Many men left and more refuse to join because of the moral corruption in the K of C.


SK Virgil Dechant (1977 to 2000 - when he received $2,164,805 on retirement!), and the K of C Board of Directors “refused to capitulate” to Pro-Life Catholics who criticized the Order for not expelling “pro-choice” politicians (Faith and Fraternalism, 1992, P 451). As a Past SK, Dechant is a lifetime Supreme Director. In Aug 2005, he told Ken Fisher, President of Concerned Roman Catholics of America (CRCOA), that Pro-Abortion pols will “never” be expelled. Patrick Korten, VP for Communications, said that Pro-Abortion members are “few” and “irrelevant” (Boston Herald 11/Aug/07). Joe Mauro, Executive VP Agencies & Marketing ($386,321/yr, retired 2001), said on tape c. 1991, that Pro-Lifers who were writing “thousands and thousands of letters” to K of C HQ seeking to expel Pro-Abortion members, are “...real fanatics out there, radicals...this is the ‘House Rule’...I, I’d prefer you kept silent on the issue (abortion)”.


Supreme Advocate (lawyer) John Marrella ($236,733/yr), wrote on 15/Apr/10 that subordinate councils may not discipline public figures. This is contrary to SEC. 162. of the Charter Constitution and Laws, which specifies the penalty of suspension - by the State Deputy under SEC. 166. - for Giving Scandal etc. No bishop is involved here. On 13/Jan/10, without any legal basis, he directed that members, state, and local councils must not contact politicians on matters of faith and morals, except as “private citizens”. Rep Bart Stupak, K of C, switched and voted on 23/Mar/10 for the Health Care bill with publicly-funded abortions. It passed 219-212. Please watch this RealCatholicTV.Com video: YouTube.Com/Watch?v=LdQw_PlC9QM  


Bishops, like toothless tigers, fail to excommunicate Pro-Abortion/Pro-Homosexual pols and are silent on K of C failures. Pope Benedict’s declaration of Fr. Michael McGivney as Venerable was exploited by Supreme Chaplain Bishop William Lori as "a ringing affirmation of the Order he founded" (Columbia, May 2008). Emilio Moure sabotaged a CA K of C resolution to suspend Pro-Abortion pols ( It seems his rewards were: Supreme Director, Sup. Treasurer, and, on 1/Sep/10, Sup. Secretary ($311,846/yr)!


K of C Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston ( is in the process of transferring his 6 Caritas Christi hospitals to Cerberus/Steward. The Catholic identity can be abandoned for a donation of $4,166,666 each ($25 million for the group) to a charity of the Cardinal’s choosing (The Pilot, 14/May/10). He put his 6 hospitals in a state CeltiCare plan which makes abortion referrals to Planned Parenthood. It started 1/Jul/09. PP is the USA's #1 abortionist - 305,310 abortions in 2007 (


Cardinal O’Malley gave Pro-Abortion/Pro-Gay Ted Kennedy a hero's funeral on 29/Aug/09. He advertised “HOLY WEEK 2010” in Bay Windows, New England’s largest Gay (GLBT) paper. He didn’t protest Obama at Notre Dame in 2009. In Dec 2005, he allowed Catholic Charities to give an award to Boston Mayor Tom Menino, a Pro-Abortion Catholic who attends the Gay Pride Parade every June. Fr. Walter Cuenin, K of C, promoted the parade and Boston City Councilors Michael Flaherty & John Tobin, both K of C, marched.


MA State Deputy Dick Guerriero failed to suspend Pro-Abortion pols, but he signed an open letter endorsing Mitt Romney (R), who introduced Gay Marriage on 17/May/04 and flipped on abortion! Ray Flynn, K of C, former U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican, endorsed Pro-Abortion/Pro-Gay Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary (Boston Herald 6/Feb/08). On 4/May/08, Supreme Advocate Paul Devin, who gave money to Pro-Abortion pols Ted and Joe Kennedy (, ruled as “unconstitutional” a MA State Convention resolution by GK/FDD Joe Craven to suspend Pro-Abortion/Pro-Gay pols. A disgraced Devin retired in Feb 2009. On 14/Jun/07, the heavily-Catholic MA Legislature, meeting in Constitutional Convention, voted to defeat the efforts of 170,000 signatories to put traditional marriage on the 2008 ballot.



At least 16 K of C caused the defeat, 10 italicized have top PP ratings ( Speaker Sal DiMasi, House Majority Leader John Rogers, Reps Garret Bradley, Bob DeLeo (now Speaker), Stephen DiNatale, Chris Donelan, Chris Fallon (a Mason), Kevin Honan, Paul McMurtry, Charles Murphy, Bob Nyman, Angelo Puppolo (a Mason), Bob Spellane; Senators Michael Knapik (R) (PGK), Tom McGee, Michael Morrissey ( These K of C Reps voted $750k for gay programs in public schools. Senators voted an increase to $850k on 22/May/08. In July 2008, they (except Puppolo) repealed a 1913 law, thus allowing same-sex couples from all 50 states to marry in MA. By July 2009, 14 K of C pols had signed in support of an access -for-all-genders “Bathroom Bill” H. 1728.  (R) Republican pols, all others Democrats.


Gay marriage is now in 4 New England states: CT, MA, NH, VT, also DC, IA, (introduced, later defeated in CA, ME), partly due to the inaction of MA PSDs Tom Ledbetter, Dick Guerriero, Vincent Rumasuglia and Bill Donovan. SD Rumasuglia wrote in Baystate Knightline, Summer 2007: “Our membership has continued to spiral downward...”. Massachusetts Citizens For Life (MCFL) President Joe Reilly, K of C, and his wife Evelyn, tried to remove me as a MCFL Director in ’07 because I exposed Pro-Abortion K of C pols!  


Although in the top third as a K of C insurance agent: Lancer E. Division Report, y-t-d June 1999, General Agent Rodney Shropshire showed great hostility towards my Pro-Life work and reassigned me to a small, poor territory. Months later, he terminated my contract as a “failure”. VP Agencies, Tom Smith, ($405,643/yr), countersigned his lie. Supreme Knight Virgil Dechant & SK Carl Anderson didn’t answer my letters. Supreme Treasurer Deacon Ken Ryan ($208,181/yr) wrote lies, then claimed his signed letter wasn't his! On 18/Jun/2004, MA SD Tom Ledbetter suspended my membership for Scandal, Slander and Publishing Detrimental Matter - without any evidence! My appeal was rejected as “late” by Supreme Advocate Paul Devin ($387,130/yr), and by the Supreme Board of Dir. at a show trial held without my knowledge. All lied.


EWTN, March for Life, and Sisters of Life betray unborn children when they give prominence to K of C leadership who harbor Pro-Abortion/Pro-Homosexual pols in exchange for tax exemption. Please write to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, The Apostolic Palace, 00120 Vatican City State, and advise him of this situation. Or, please sign below and mail to me and/or e-mail the following:  &  Phone Supreme Knight Carl Anderson at 800 380 9995, FAX 203 752 4118


Mr. Anderson: K of C laws and resolutions are defied by the refusal to suspend/expel Pro-Abortion/Pro-Gay pols & members - 52 million surgical abortions since Roe v. Wade (chemical abortions extra), and failure to require that Hall Rental Agreements prevent Gay Weddings, NARAL Pro-Choice and Witch events etc. being booked. This requires the resignation of yourself, Virgil Dechant, John Marrella and Emilio Moure.   K of C members and all Pro-Lifers must insist on these resignations, and should require a vow to protect unborn children as a membership condition. The Order, with $16 billion in assets, should forgive “Church Loans” of $117 million, lent at 5.5% interest, and help the needy dioceses and Pro-Life groups.


SIGN:_________________________PRINT __________________________________




Mail: John O’Gorman, 30 Myrtle Avenue, Winthrop, MA 02152, USA for forwarding.






67 (41%) HAVE 0% NATIONAL RIGHT TO LIFE (NRLC) VOTING RECORDS: AK Sen Mark Begich. AZ Reps Raul Grijalva, Ed Pastor. CA Reps Xavier Becerra, Anna Eshoo, Jerry McNerney, George Miller, Grace Napolitano, Nancy Pelosi (Speaker), Lucille Roybal-Allard, Linda Sanchez, Loretta Sanchez, Jackie Speier, Mike Thompson, Diane Watson. CT Reps Joe Courtney, Rosa DeLauro, John Larson; Sen Chris Dodd. IA Sen Tom Harkin. IL Reps Luis Gutierrez, Phil Hare, Mike Quigley; Sen Dick Durbin (Assistant Majority Leader). IN Rep Peter Visclosky. MA Reps Mike Capuano, Bill Delahunt, Ed Markey, Jim McGovern. MD Sen Barbara Mikulski.  MN Rep Betty McCollum.  MO Rep William Clay; Sen Claire McCaskill. NH Rep Carol Shea-Porter. NJ Reps Frank Pallone, Bill Pascrell, Albio Sires; Sen Bob Menendez. NM Rep Ben Lujan. NY Reps Tim Bishop, Joe Crowley, John Hall, Brian Higgins, Maurice Hinchey, Dan Maffei, Charles Rangel, Jose Serrano, Paul Tonko, Nydia Velazquez; Sen Kirsten Gillibrand. Northern Mariana Islands Del. Gregorio Sablan***. OH Rep Mary Jo Kilroy. OR Rep Peter DeFazio. PA Reps Bob Brady, Patrick Murphy, Joe Sestak. Puerto Rico Res. Com. Pedro Pierluisi***. RI Rep Patrick Kennedy; Sen Jack Reed. TX Reps Charles Gonzalez, Ruben Hinojosa. VA Reps Gerry Connolly, Jim Moran. VT Rep Peter Welch; Sen Pat Leahy. WA Sens Maria Cantwell, Patty Murray.   


34 (21%) HAVE 10% TO 33% NRLC RECORDS: AZ Reps Ann Kirkpatrick 17%, Harry Mitchell 20%. CA Reps Joe Baca 10%, Dennis Cardoza 10%, Jim Costa 10%. CO Reps Betsy Markey 17%, John Salazar 10%. DE Rep Michael Castle (R) 20%; Sen Ted Kaufman 17%. LA Sen Mary Landrieu 33%. MA Reps Stephen Lynch 20%, Richard Neal 10%; Sen John Kerry 10%. ME Rep Michael Michaud 10%; Sen Susan Collins (R) 20%. MI Rep John Dingell 10%. NY Reps Mike Arcuri 10%, Carolyn McCarthy 11%, Mike McMahon 17%, Scott Murphy 17%, Bill Owens 33%. OH Reps John Boccieri 33%, Steve Driehaus 33%, Dennis Kucinich 10%, Tim Ryan 13%. PA Reps Chris Carney 30%, Mike Doyle 20%, Paul Kanjorski 30%. RI Rep Jim Langevin 10%. TX Reps Henry Cuellar 20%, Silvestre Reyes 10%, Ciro Rodriguez 10%. VA Rep Tom Perriello 17%. WI Rep David Obey 10%.


(R) designates Republicans, all the others are Democrats.


Note: All of the 19 New England Catholics in Congress are Pro-Abortion!


The 19 Catholics represent 56% of the 34 New England members of Congress. There is only 1 Pro-Life member among the 34: NH Sen Judd Gregg (R), a Congregationalist. He has a 100% NRLC voting record.  All 7 New England Catholic Jesuit alumnae (italicized above) are Pro-Abortion!


9 (6%) HAVE 34% TO 67% (MIXED) NRLC RECORDS: AK Sen Lisa Murkowski (R) 60%. MI Reps Dale Kildee 40%, K of C member Bart Stupak 50%. MN Rep James Oberstar 50%. NJ Rep Leonard Lance (R) 67%. OH Rep Marcy Kaptur 40%. PA Reps Jason Altmire 50%, Tim Holden 50%; Sen Bob Casey Jr. - who endorsed Obama for President - 60%!


11 (7%) HAVE 68% TO 90% NRLC RECORDS: CA Rep Brian Bilbray (R) 80%. FL Rep Ginny Brown-Waite (R) 80%, Connie Mack (R) 90%. IL Reps Jerry Costello 80%, Dan Lipinski 80%. IN Reps Joe Donnelly 90%, Brad Ellsworth 80%. LA Reps Anh “Joseph” Cao (R) 83%, Charlie Melancon 80%. OH Rep Charlie Wilson 70%.  PA Rep Kathy Dahlkemper 80%.   

41 (25%) HAVE 100% NRLC RECORDS: CA Reps Dan Lungren (R), Devin Nunes (R), George Radanovich (R), Ed Royce (R). FL Reps Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R), Mario Diaz-Balart (R), Tom Rooney (R), Sen George LeMieux (R). GA Reps Phil Gingrey (R), Jim Marshall. Guam Del. Madeleine Bordallo***. IA Rep Steve King (R). ID Sen Jim Risch (R). KS Sen Sam Brownback (R) - who endorsed Pro-Abortion Kathleen Sebelius for Sec. of Health & Human Services! KY Sen Jim Bunning (R).  LA Rep Steve Scalise (R); Sen David Vitter (R). MI Reps Dave Camp (R), Thaddeus McCotter (R). MO Rep Blaine Luetkemeyer (R). MS Rep Gene Taylor. NC Reps Virginia Foxx (R), Rep Walter Jones (R), Patrick McHenry (R). NE Rep Jeff Fortenberry (R); Sen Mike Johanns (R). NJ Frank LoBiondo (R), Chris Smith (R). NY Rep Peter King (R). OH Reps Steve Austria (R), John Boehner (R) (House Minority Leader), Bob Latta (R), Jean Schmidt (R), Patrick Tiberi (R); Sen George Voinovich (R). OK Rep John Sullivan (R). PA Rep Mark Critz, Tim Murphy (R). TX Reps Kevin Brady (R), Michael McCaul (R). WI Rep Paul Ryan (R). 

Democrats: 99 (86%) Pro-Abortion Catholics, 9 (8%) Pro-Life: 10 to 1   (0 New, 7 Mixed, Total 115)

Republican:  2 (4%) Pro-Abortion Catholics, 43 (91%) Pro-Life: 1 to 22 (0 New, 2 Mixed, Total  47)


*Summary: 101 (62%) Pro-Abortion Catholics Outnumber the 52 (32%) Pro-Life by 2 to 1. 

The contrast is startling: Among Catholics, 8% of Democrats are Pro-Life v. 91% of Republicans.


**JESUIT CATHOLIC ALUMNAE (ITALICIZED) 20 (61%) Pro-Abortion outnumber 11 (33%) Pro-Life by 2 to 1  

(2 mixed).  ***Vote on committees, but not on the House floor.


Sources: American  Life  League -, National  Right To Life -, Jesuits -



VP Joe Biden; Sec. of Health & Human Services Kathleen Sibelius (was KS Gov); Sec. of the Interior Ken Salazar (was CO Sen); Sec. of Labor Hilda Solis (was CA Rep); Sec. of Agriculture Tom Vilsack (IA).



CA Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R), Pro-Abortion, Pro Gay Marriage; Mayor Gavin Newsom introduced Gay Marriage to San Francisco City and County on 12/Feb/04. CO Gov. Bill Ritter is Pro-Abortion. MA Lt. Gov. Tim Murray supports Gay Marriage; State Senate President Therese Murray, Sens Brian Joyce and Steven Tolman (AOH), all have top Planned Parenthood ratings, and voted to defeat the measure to put Traditional Marriage on the 2008 ballot; AG Martha Coakley is Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay, and successfully challenged the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in the U.S. District Court (8/Jul/2010). NM Gov. Bill Richardson, is Pro-Abortion. UT Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon, is Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay. VA Gov. Tim Kaine, Democratic National Committee Chairman, is Pro-Abortion.



Sen John F. Kennedy, K of C, addressed the Greater Houston Ministerial Association on 12/Sep/1960. JFK, pro-contraceptives, said he would not take directions from the Catholic Church, that he opposed any public funding of church schools, and he opposed establishing diplomatic relations with the Vatican ( Pro-Abortion Sen Ted Kennedy had an NRLC voting record of 14% in 2007-08. His record is 4% from 1997 to 2008. New England’s largest Gay (GLBT) paper reported: “If there ever is a gay Mount Rushmore, Ted Kennedy needs to be chiseled in that stone” ( 26/Aug/09).  Undaunted, Cardinal O’Malley lauded Kennedy at his funeral Mass ( 29/Aug/09).  



SK Carl Anderson is a Trustee of CUA, which named John Garvey as President, effective 1/Jul/10. Garvey, Dean of Boston College Law School (Jesuit) (1999-2010), donated $1,750 to Pro-Abortion Sen John Kerry. Pro-Abortion U.S. Rep Ed Markey was his 2007 commencement speaker ( 15/Jun/10), and U.S. Sen Scott Brown, also Pro-Abortion, was Garvey’s commencement speaker at BC Law in 2010.


Contact: John O’Gorman, 30 Myrtle Ave., Winthrop, MA 02152.


Open Letter To K OF C SK Carl Anderson, 13/May/2010

Dear Mr. Anderson,

Your "Supreme Knight Message to State Conventions" video from the Holy Family Chapel in K of C Supreme Council Headquarters will be seen by tens of thousands of delegates, and then be reported back to the councils. It covers, among other things, the Year for Priests, K of C founder Venerable Fr. Michael McGivney, membership, insurance, charity and the Special Olympics.

Completely absent from your 10 minute speech (, or links below), is any mention of two critical issues: Pro-Life and traditional marriage.

As Supreme Knight since 2000, you failed to expel or suspend Pro-Abortion/Pro-Homosexual politicians and members. You have not mandated Hall Rental Agreements to prevent Gay wedding, NARAL Pro-Choice and Witch events etc. being booked. 

Mr. Anderson, you need to fire your speech writer, resign, and leave the building. Close the door behind you on the way out. God bless you.

Yours in Pro-Life,

John O'Gorman


Supreme Knight Message to State Conventions

Watch the video message shown to delegates to every state convention in 2010. Click here to view (Flash format).