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Cruz For President - Cruz "elicited raucous cheers, first pumps and even a few ‘amens...’”

Sen. Cruz makes first swing through New Hampshire as presidential candidate

HOUSTON, Texas – Yesterday, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz completed his first swing through New Hampshire as a presidential candidate where he received an enthusiastic welcome from hundreds of New Hampshirites. A roundup of some of the coverage of Sen. Cruz’s visit is below:

New Hampshire Union Leader: Sen. Ted Cruz embraces conservative reputation during NH visit
“’Think of the dozen biggest fights we’ve seen in this country — stopping Obamacare, executive amnesty, fighting to rein in the debt, defending religious liberty, the Second Amendment, stopping Common Core, standing with Israel, stopping Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons,’ he said. ‘Look at the field, and ask, on the great fights of the day, how many of them have actually led. For most, you can find one issue, maybe two, but for much of the field, they have not been leading on these issues.’”

New York Times: Tailoring His Message, Ted Cruz Makes His First Swing Through New Hampshire
“He elicited raucous cheers, fist pumps and even a few ‘amens…’”

Dallas Morning News: Upbeat Ted Cruz embraces outsider label in New Hampshire visit
“Ted Cruz, the first and so far only major candidate for president, swept into New Hampshire on Friday, upbeat and eager to embrace the outsider label he’s cultivated since erupting on the national scene three years ago…”

Seacoast Online: Sen. Ted Cruz charms Seacoast Republicans
“’This isn’t a matter of right or left,’ he said. “’This isn’t a matter of Democrat or Republican. This is a matter of common sense and it isn’t working. I think millions of Americans are ready to get back to the principles that made America great.’”

Boston Globe: Cruz makes stops in N.H., seeks early primary support
“’In every Republican primary every candidate says he or she is the most conservative,’ Cruz said. ‘I just think the question that every primary voter should ask themself is: Show me how you follow through.’”


Monday, March 30 in the NH House 


monday, march 30 in the NH House




10:00 a.m.                   Regular meeting.








10 A.M. – Noon          The Finance Committee will hold budget briefings on HB 1-A, making appropriations for the expense of certain departments of the state for fiscal years ending June 30, 2016 and June 30, 2017 and HB 2-FN-A-L, relative to state fees, funds, revenues, and expenditures.






PRESS CONFERENCE-Legislative Office Building-Lobby


12:15 p.m.                  Granite State Progress. RE: The State Budget


                                    Contact: Zandra Rice-Hawkins



US Rep Frank Guinta - Financial Services Committee approves 11 bipartisan bills to shield consumers from harmful regulations 


WASHINGTON. D.C. – This week, the House Financial Services Committee approved 11 bipartisan bills designed to help strengthen the economy and consumer choice by relieving community banks and credit unions from some of the harmful regulatory burden imposed by Washington.


The explosive growth of regulation following the enactment of the Dodd-Frank Act has made it significantly harder for community banks and credit unions to survive and serve customers.  New regulations and higher compliance costs have accelerated the pace of industry consolidation and forced many small banks and credit unions to close their doors.  Since the passage of Dodd-Frank nearly five years ago, big financial institutions have gotten bigger and small financial institutions have become fewer.


As a result, consumers are finding they have less access to affordable credit and that their local financial institution can no longer provide them with the products and services they want and need, such as free checking or affordable home mortgages.


“This week, the House Committee on Financial Services acted to pass multiple, common-sense bills to alleviate the regulatory burdens Granite State individuals, families and businesses are forced to comply with. This limits their ability to obtain credit, achieve financial independence, economic opportunities and overall success.  These 11 bipartisan bills not only help Granite State consumers; but, they also help strengthen our state’s vital community banks and credit unions.” 


For a list of the 11 bipartisan bills that passed the Committee, please click here.


NHDP - Former Banking Lobbyist Jerry Little Continues to Fight for Banking Industry Against NH Homeowners and Families 

Little Argues Against Common-Sense Measure to Give Consumers Earlier Notice Prior to a Foreclosure Sale
Concord, N.H. – Yesterday, former banking lobbyist turned Senator, Jerry Little, continued to fight for the banking industry (which made up nearly 30% of Little’s campaign contributions) against the interests of New Hampshire homeowners and families.

Little led the fight on the floor of the Senate against SB 158, a common-sense bill to give consumers earlier notice prior to a foreclosure sale on their house. The bill received a bipartisan 4-1 vote in committee in favor of passage.  
When explaining the existing policies that certain banks choose to follow to notify delinquent consumers, Little referred to the banking industry as “we,” saying, then “we mail a letter to every past due customer...”   
“Former banking lobbyist Jerry Little may be a Senator now, but he’s still fighting on behalf of his banking cronies against the interests of New Hampshire homeowners and families,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “Little needs to acknowledge his conflict of interest, get out of the way, and let this commonsense bill to strengthen consumer protections for homeowners pass.”

DNC Response to Ted Cruz Speaking to Youth in NH

With Ted Cruz speaking to the Young Americans for Liberty conference in New Hampshire today, DNC spokesperson Rob Flaherty released the following statement:


“Ted Cruz has said that he’s going to win this campaign on the backs of 'millions of young people.’ But Ted Cruz’s real plan for  young people is leaving them out to dry. Between Cruz’s staunch opposition to making it easier to afford going to college or his effort to take quality healthcare away from millennials Ted Cruz has stood on the wrong side of the issues that matter at every turn.”