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NH DHHS - Healthy Smiles–Healthy Growth Report

Comparison Findings of the New Hampshire 2013–2014 Healthy Smiles–Healthy

Growth Third Grade Survey Show Dramatic Decrease in

Obesity and Tooth Decay

Concord, NH – The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

(DHHS), Division of Public Health Services (DPHS) has compared the results

of the 2013–2014 Healthy Smiles–Healthy Growth Third Grade Survey with the

2008–2009 survey and finds improvements have been made. The statewide

survey was funded by the HNH Foundation and Northeast Delta Dental. The

data show a marked improvement over the last five years and demonstrate

progress in reducing health disparities in both obesity and oral health

status. Data were collected at public elementary schools in each county

throughout New Hampshire. The Nashua Division of Public Health and

Community Services coordinated data collection for the City.

When compared with the 2008–09 survey DPHS found:


- 30% decrease statewide in obesity prevalence

- 34.8% decrease in obesity among students in schools that have more than

50% of students eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch

- 46% reduction in schools that have 25% or less students who qualify for

Free or Reduced Lunch

- 37% decrease in boys

Oral Health

- 54.4% decrease in untreated decay in Coos County

- 31.7% decrease in untreated tooth decay statewide

- 32.5% decrease in children with immediate dental needs

- 20.4% increase in dental sealants in schools with more than 50% of

students who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch

“The findings support the collaborative efforts that took place across the

State beginning in 2008,” said Dr. José Montero, Director of Public Health

at DHHS. “We are very excited to see large improvements in obesity and

dental sealants in schools that have high eligibility for Free or Reduced

Lunch and a decrease in untreated tooth decay in Coos County. In order to

sustain these improvements and further reduce health disparities,

businesses, private foundations, community organizations, and government

are working together to target resources and strategies. This will have a

collective impact and improve the health of the people in New Hampshire.

This is exciting progress and is the result of efforts by many partners

from parents to schools to dental health professionals, nutrition and

physical activity advocates, all designed to target efforts in areas where

worse health outcomes exist.”

Beginning in 2008, DPHS was awarded a five-year $2.2 million CDC grant to

establish an Obesity Prevention Program (OPP). OPP supported Healthy Eating

Active Living (HEAL) NH by providing assistance and resources to schools,

worksites, and communities. Additionally OPP focused efforts in child care

settings training over 300 child care providers to improve nutrition and

physical activity in their programs. Other key partners included HEAL NH,

the Foundation for Healthy Communities, the NH Department of Transportation

Safe Routes to School Program, NH Regional Planning Commissions, and the NH

Child Development Bureau.

The Oral Health Program in the Division of Public Health Services has

worked with many external partners to target interventions in areas with

oral health disparities found in the 2008–2009 survey. The 54.4% decrease

in untreated decay in Coos County and the 20.4% increase in dental sealants

in schools with more than 50% of students who qualify for Free or Reduced

Lunch demonstrate that targeted efforts can result in significant


The HNH Foundation and Northeast Delta Dental Foundation provided funding

for data collection, while the Association of State and Territorial Dental

Directors contributed technical assistance for the sampling and data

analysis of the Third Grade Survey. The purpose of the survey was to gather

representative data on oral health and height/weight status for third grade

students statewide.

The complete New Hampshire 2013–2014 Healthy Smiles–Healthy Growth Third

Grade Survey is available on the DHHS website.


NHDP - Washington Post Fact-Checker: Guinta's First Class Travel Claim is “What’s Wrong with Washington” 

Guinta Doubles Down on False Claims, Refuses to Take Down his Hypocritical and Dishonest Ad

MANCHESTER— The Washington Post has re-issued its fact check of false claims about first-class travel being made by Republicans, including Frank Guinta in his latest attack ad. The fact-checker called the claim “off the deep end” and “what’s wrong with Washington.”

“From being named one of the ten most corrupt Members of Congress, to desperately misleading New Hampshire voters in this recent attack ad, Frank Guinta keeps reminding Granite Staters why voters fired him in 2012. Guinta should take down this false and dishonest ad,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Bryan Lesswing.

Earlier this month, the NHDP noted that Guinta voted for the same poison-pill language he is now using in his baseless attack ad.


"A 4-Pinocchio falsehood pops up again"
"Nothing depresses The Fact Checker more than seeing the same Four-Pinocchio falsehoods repeated over and over. We’ve already dealt with this one before, but given that the Congressional Leadership Fund is sinking $500,000 to promote this false message, it is worth revisiting again." [Washington Post, 10/21/14]



MANCHESTER Today, the Brown campaign released a new TV ad titled: “Zero” highlighting Jeanne Shaheen’s zero percent rating from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) this Congress.  The NFIB is one of the nation’s leading voices for small business, and has given Brown a lifetime 94% rating for his pro-growth policies and positions.
Brown was endorsed by the NFIB at North Country Tractor in Pembroke as part of the “Better Jobs For All” tour, citing his positions to repeal Obamacare and ​lower energy prices.  Recently, the Portsmouth Herald reported that rising energy ​costs will pose a "dire situation" this winter​​​ in New Hampshire.  Senator Shaheen voted to pave the way for a national energy tax set to increase electricity prices up to 18%.
Echoing the NFIB’s support, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce endorsed Brown and
said the matchup between Brown and Shaheen, “represents one of the clearest choices between failed economic policies and a new vision for our country that will prioritize growth and prosperity.”

Transcript "Zero":

Narrator: For New Hampshire making ends meet is getting harder to do
And Jeanne Shaheen
She has a zero percent rating from small business
Jeanne Shaheen, standing with Obama not New Hampshire


Shaheen Has A Lifetime Rating Of 34% With The NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business, Accessed 10/19/14)
Scott Brown Has A 94% Lifetime Rating From The NFIB. "NFIB member Bob Washburn of Concord provided opening remarks touting Scott Brown’s small business lifetime voting record of 94%. The owner of North Country Tractor, Bill Taranovich, also provided comments regarding his hesitancy in hiring and expanding his business for fear of triggering Obamacare penalties and fines." (NFIB Press Release, 10/1/14)

NH DHHS - Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Agrees to Be Ebola Referral Hospital

Concord, NH – Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) in Lebanon, New

Hampshire, has expressed willingness to accept patients with Ebola

infection from other New Hampshire hospitals who require ongoing care and

treatment. In some cases ongoing care may be managed at DHMC, while in

others, referral to a designated national center may be the plan. The New

Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Division of

Public Health Services (DPHS), in coordination with the Centers for Disease

Control and Prevention (CDC), will help to identify the optimal location of


While all hospitals in the State are capable of initially identifying and

appropriately isolating any patient presenting with signs and symptoms of

Ebola infection who also have a consistent travel history (to Liberia,

Sierra Leone, or Guinea), we do not expect all hospitals to have the same

capabilities in managing a patient with Ebola and the possible

complications. DPHS has been in conversation with hospital leadership

around the State and will continue working with all hospitals. Any suspect

or identified Ebola patient will be closely managed in coordination with

DPHS. DHHS continues to work closely with the medical community to ensure

the State is prepared for the possibility of a patient with Ebola

presenting to a New Hampshire healthcare facility.

There are currently no suspect Ebola patients in New Hampshire and there

have been no patients in the United States identified outside of Dallas,

Texas, after a man travelling from Liberia developed Ebola and transmitted

the infection to two healthcare workers caring for him.

“We are grateful that Dartmouth Hitchcock has stepped forward and agreed to

be the referral hospital for New Hampshire,” said Dr. José Montero,

Director of Public Health at DHHS. “As we learn more about this outbreak

and this virus it makes sense to adapt our plans and procedures to better

serve Granite Staters and focusing advanced preparations on one hospital is

one way to do this.”

American Medical Response Ambulance (AMR) and Dartmouth Hitchcock Advanced

Response Team (DHART) have also agreed to provide ground transport for any

Ebola patients identified in New Hampshire from the hospital or healthcare

facility they arrive at to DHMC. DPHS continues to work closely with our

public health partners and the healthcare providers in the State to ensure

preparedness. We are providing training webinars for healthcare providers

and hospitals, assisting healthcare providers with their preparedness

efforts, assessing the resources in the State, and creating and posting

materials to the DHHS website at

For further information on Ebola, visit the Centers for Disease Control and

Prevention at  or the World Health Organization at .



Concord - Senator Jeanne Shaheen, a longtime opponent of the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant, lied during last night's NECN debate about her history of opposing nuclear power. Shaheen has blasted nuclear power and managed anti-nuclear activist Paul McEachern's 1986 and 1988 gubernatorial campaigns.


"Jeanne Shaheen has a long history of opposing nuclear power and her brazen attempt to mislead voters about her failed energy agenda is shameful. Shaheen led multiple campaigns to scuttle New Hampshire's Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant and restrict nuclear power," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "Energy prices are skyrocketing, and during her decades in public office Jeanne Shaheen has failed to support policies that would increase the supply of energy and reduce costs for ratepayers."


In the 1980s Shaheen blasted nuclear power, calling it a "dangerous" source of energy (click here for video.)


The Chicago Tribune reported that with Shaheen serving as his campaign manager in 1986, gubernatorial candidate Paul McEachern "made the Seabrook issue the centerpiece of his campaign, promising to try to scuttle the $4.8 billion reactor if elected."