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NHDP - LABOR DAY ICYMI: Brown Opposes Minimum Wage But Keeps Cashing in From Company That Outsourced Jobs 

Manchester, NH— In case you missed it, the Associated Press is highlighting this morning just how badly New Hampshire workers can't afford to send Scott Brown to the Senate due to his opposition to increasing the minimum wage. An increase would give 110,000 people in New Hampshire a much needed raise.  Meanwhile, Brown has no problem collecting a paycheck worth more than a quarter million dollars from a company that has a record of outsourcing American jobs. Brown even endorsed that strategy in official Securities and Exchange Commission documents just two days before he became a candidate for Senate in New Hampshire. 
“Labor Day provides a prefect reminder: Scott Brown is wrong for New Hampshire workers and families," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “Scott Brown's decision to collect a hefty paycheck from a company that sent jobs overseas, all while opposing an increase in the minimum wage for workers here in New Hampshire, proves that point. Scott Brown is for Scott Brown, his bank account, and the Big Oil and Wall Street special interests that fund his campaigns. He's definitely not for New Hampshire." 

AP: N.H.'s Senate hopefuls differ slightly on minimum wage
Associated Press
September 01, 2014 8:11 AM
CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — None of the top Republicans running for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire wants to increase the federal minimum wage, and one of them wants to get rid of it altogether.
President Barack Obama wants Congress to increase federal minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $10.10. But many Republicans oppose the increase, including former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, former U.S. Sen. Bob Smith and former state Sen. Jim Rubens.
Brown supports the minimum wage and has voted for increases in the past, but doesn't think it should be raised now, and Rubens said increasing the minimum wage would lead to job losses and automation. Smith went further, saying the federal government shouldn't dictate what a private employer pays.
The winner of the GOP primary will face U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.


Adams For Executive Council (EC4) - John Stephen Endorses Jim Adams for Executive Council 

Manchester, NH- Today, former Republican gubernatorial nominee John Stephen endorsed Jim Adams for Executive Counicl in District 4. This comes at the heels of the New Hampshire Union Leader's endorsementendorsements by Bedford business leaders Rich Ashooh and Chuck Rolecek and U.S. Senator John E. Sununu

John Stephen

"Jim is a rock solid conservative who has the experience and know how to get things done in Concord. Not only does he understand the issues we face today, but he has the conviction and character to say what he means and mean what he says. Best of all, Jim has what it takes to win in November" 


To learn more about Jim's campaign for Executive Council, please visit his website at


ALG's Daily Grind - Labor Day: Congress must take action to protect workers, not Big Labor 


Sept. 1, 2014

Labor Day: Congress must take action to protect workers, not Big Labor
Congress must take action to protect American workers, not Big Labor. 

NLRB goes rogue against small business       
It is the National Labor Relations Board which has taken the most outlandish actions in their attempt to tip the balance toward primary Democratic Party funders in Big Labor. 





But Even Socialist Sanders Has More Independent Voting Record than Rubber Stamp Shaheen


Concord - New Hampshire Republican Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement today on Senator Jeanne Shaheen standing with avowed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders at a breakfast hosted by union bosses and special interest groups:


"It's not surprising that Jeanne Shaheen would stand with an avowed socialist like Bernie Sanders given her strong support for liberal economic policies that have hurt our economy and killed jobs. Shaheen has blindly followed orders from President Obama, and even a socialist like Sanders has a more independent voting record than she does, according to a nonpartisan analysis. 


"As governor, Jeanne Shaheen tried to crush New Hampshire small businesses with a sales tax and approved a contract that outsourced part of the state's food stamp program to India. As a senator, Shaheen cast the deciding vote for ObamaCare, supported a disastrous new national energy tax and hypocritically attacked outsourcing despite her own record of outsourcing jobs. Granite Staters know that Shaheen's policies have hurt our economy, and they are ready to replace her with a responsible Republican in November."




Bernie Sanders is an avowed socialist (Could A Socialist Senator Become A National Brand? NPR, 7/10/14)


According to a CQ Roll Call analysis of Senate voting records, Jeanne Shaheen votes with President Obama 99% of the time.  


According to a CQ Roll Call analysis of Senate voting records, Bernie Sanders votes with President Obama 94% of the time.


While Shaheen Was Governor, A Portion Of New Hampshire's Food Stamp Program Was Outsourced To India


In The "Late 1990's" New Hampshire And Six Other States Entered Into A Contract With Citibank To Administer Their Food Stamp Programs.  "In the late 1990's seven Northeastern states brokered a deal designed to modernize their outdated and expensive food stamp systems. But the agreement ended up with some of the work being shipped to India. ... The six New England states and New York signed a contract with Citibank that let the company administer a new food stamp program in which beneficiaries buy food with a debit card." (Tim McCahill, "States Respond To Outsourced Jobs," The Associated Press, 3/24/04)



MANCHESTER - Today, Scott Brown praised British Prime Minister David Cameron for granting authorities the power to seize the passports of suspected ISIS terrorists, and reiterated his call for Congress to immediately take similar action here in the United States:
“I applaud David Cameron for taking decisive action to make it harder for homegrown ISIS fighters to return to the UK. We need to take similar action here in America.  When Americans join foreign terrorist organizations, they have effectively renounced their citizenship. Hundreds of Americans have reportedly gone overseas to fight with ISIS. We need to bar them from re-entering the country because of the very real threat they pose to the homeland."
On Friday, as United States intelligence reports indicated that as many as 300 Americans are fighting alongside ISIS in Iraq and Syria,  Brown called on Congress to immediately pass legislation that would strip homegrown terrorists of their American citizenship.  In 2010, Brown introduced the bipartisan 
Terrorist Expatriation Act, which would revoke the citizenship of those “providing material support or resources to a Foreign Terrorist Organization” or “actively engaging” in “hostilities against the United States or its allies.”  In 2011, he introduced another similar piece of legislation called the Enemy Expatriation Act.