NH Lawyer Responds to Alito Hearing

Merrill is an Associate at Devine Millimet Law Firm in Manchester, NH
"I have been proud to call myself a supporter as I have followed Judge Alito during his first 15 hours of testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  His qualifications for this job were aparent with the endorsement by the ABA, those qualifications have now been clearly demonstrated by his masterful testimony over these past few days. Judge Alito has been both honest and forthcoming with his answers-- illustrating complete integrity, even in the face close-minded and accusatory questioning from Ted Kennedy and other democrats.   I know our Senators, Judd Gregg and John Sununu feel strongly about the right to a fair proccess. I hope they continue to support the President's nomination of Judge Alito and reject the badgering questions and false accusations of some of their counterparts on the Judiciary Committee."