NH Democracts Welcome and Accept Racist Leader

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The NH Democratic party is welcoming Rev. Al Sharpton today despite a recent
indictment on tax evasion, continued racist statements and dubious drug

Why does the NH Democratic party continue to accept this criminal?

The real Al Sharpton-

The Boston Globe calls Sharpton a “Race-Baiter” (11/9/2003)
     “Whatever sins Dean may have committed in his 54 years, he has a long way
to      go before he can touch Sharpton's repulsive history of racial
demagoguery. For      instance, did Dean ever go out of his way to share a stage
with the likes of Khalid      Muhammad -- a gay-bashing, Jew-hating,
anti-Catholic racist -- or praise him as      "an articulate and courageous
brother?" Of course not. But Sharpton did.”

Read Transcripts of his rallies:

Loving Anti-Semites and Hating President Bush:

Tax Problems-

“Democratic presidential candidate the Rev. Al Sharpton, who was once
indicted on income-tax fraud, later pleaded guilty to not filing an
income-tax return and admitted to not paying income taxes from 1998 to 2000,
is now the subject of an Internal Revenue Service investigation.”- The Hill

Drug Connections

BUSTED: Caught on an FBI Surveillance Tape Discussing a Cocaine Deal
The television show HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel showed a 1983 FBI
videotape in which Al Sharpton is seen talking about laundering drug money
with former mobster Michael Franzese, a Mafioso-turned-undercover-FBI
informant posing as a cocaine dealer. Now you might think something like
this might be bad news for a presidential candidate, but to hear Sharpton
talk about it, there's nothing unseemly about it.
Now, to be fair, no indictments were issued and the sting operation was
never completed. But those are pretty thin excuses for a president of the
United States. (At least he didn't blame a DUII on his political enemies.)
Sharpton got into this mess through his friendship with boxing promoter Don
King, a longtime friend of his. Franzese, a former Colombo family captain,
alleges that a South American drug dealer looking to launder money through
boxing promotions approached him. According to Franzese,Sharpton was going
to arrange a meeting between the dealer and King.
But the drug dealer was really an undercover FBI agent in a probe of boxing
corruption. Sharpton claimed the tape was a "total attempt to set up and
criminalize people," that it was leaked to scuttle his possible presidential
bid, and that HBO distorted the evidence by showing only selected portions
of the tape. He also clamed that a second tape existed that exonerated him.
Sharpton sued HBO for defamation and asked for $1 billion in damages. (As if
he had a billion dollar reputation before the tape aired.) HBO Sports
spokesman Ray Stallone described the suit as "so silly that it is unworthy
of comment." Nothing has come of it since it was filed.
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