From the Office of Congressman Jeb Bradley

Legislationwill grant the federal government authority to reimburse the state for advanced prescription drug payments

(Washington, D.C.) - In response to the transitional coverage passed by the New Hampshire Legislature earlier this week, First District Congressman Jeb Bradley today announced that he will introduce legislation when the House of Representatives reconvenes at the end of the month that will eliminate barriers in the law that preclude the federal government from reimbursing the State of New Hampshire for its recent emergency expenditures. The State recently appropriated funds in order to pay for transitional prescription drug coverage for low-income Medicare beneficiaries experiencing billing problems at their local pharmacies as a result of being transferred to the newly-implemented Medicare prescription drug plans.

Bradley's legislation will provide the federal government the authority to reimburse states for emergency expenditures for prescription drugs covered under Medicare Part D.

"I applaud the quick action by the State of New Hampshire to ensure that people receive needed medications. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services must immediately resolve these systematic failures so that states like New Hampshire are not forced to make up for the shortfall. My legislation will make sure that the federal government does not pass the burden on to the states," said Bradley.

Last week, Bradley sent a letter to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Mark McClellan urging him to immediately address the systematic problems that low-income Medicare beneficiaries are experiencing as they try to fill their prescription medication under Medicare's new prescription drug plans.