In Keene, Bass Dishonest with Constituents about DeLay Money (Again)

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Gives Town Hall Meeting False Facts
About the $14K He Has Taken From DeLay

CONCORD, NH - In another attempt to distance himself
from his long record of supporting the scandal-plagued
Republican leadership in Washington, Charles Bass on
Wednesday gave a Keene town hall meeting false information
about the thousands of dollars he has taken from Tom DeLay.

Bass's false statements mark the second time in recent
months that he has been dishonest about his various
financial dealings with DeLay.

According to the Keene Sentinel, Bass - who has refused to
return the $14,234 he has taken from DeLay - attempted to
brush aside criticism for his decision by saying that he
OF HIS FIRST CAMPAIGNS" (Keene Sentinel, 1/12/06)

However, Federal Election Commission records contradict
Bass's claim. In reality, Bass took nine separate contributions
from DeLay. The contributions helped not one, but three
of his campaigns. And while some contributions occurred
in the mid-nineties, over half of the amount he has received
from Delay was contributed in the year 2000.

Specifically, Bass has taken the following contributions
from Tom DeLay's political action committee (called the
"Americans for a Republican Majority Political Action
Committee" or "ARMPAC"):

$1,000 on September 29, 1994
$2,000 on October 27, 1994
$433.33 on June 28, 1996
$733.33 on June 28, 1996
$1000 on June 28, 1996
$567.38 on July 3, 1996
$1,000 on September 26, 1996
$2,500 on March 20, 2000
$5,000 on September 26, 2000

[for a copy of the original FEC documents, just reply to
this email]

This week's false claims come just two months after Bass
used the exact same dishonest language when attempting to
minimize his decision to contribution $1,000 to Tom DeLay's
legal dense fund. When asked on a radio show why he made the
contribution, Bass brushed the question aside by saying he
gave Delay the money "back in the mid-90s" -- when in fact he
made the contribution in August of 2001. [Arnie Arnesen Show,

At the time, the New Hampshire Democratic Party sent out a
press release correcting Bass - but apparently it did not
prevent him from continuing to use false statements to cover
up his connections to DeLay. In each instance, Bass was not
asked about when the donation occurred, but he proactively
offered a false, far-off date to try to inoculate himself
against the political fallout of his financial connections
to the Republican culture of corruption.

"Sorry Charlie. Giving your constituents false information
will not cover up your long record of taking money from Tom
Delay. It won't cover up your record of supporting his legal
defense fund. It won't cover up your record of voting for his
pet projects, like legal protections for the makers of MtBE.
And it certainly won't cover up your record of taking almost
$300,000 in contributions from the very industries you regulate
on the Commerce Committee," said New Hampshire Democratic
Party Chair Kathy Sullivan.

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