NH Democrats Join National Call for Honest Leadership

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CONCORD, NH - In a statement, NH Democratic Party Chair
Kathy Sullivan today applauded Democrats in Washington for
rolling out a national reform campaign designed to provide the
American people with the honest leadership and open government
they deserve. Sullivan urged the people of NH to join Democrats
in demanding honest leaders who are accountable to the people
by signing the national Honest Leadership Petition at

Today's statement follows news conferences in Columbus, Ohio--
where Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean
kicked off the national rollout of the Democratic reform agenda--
and Washington where the Democratic leadership in Congress
introduced the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act.

The Honest Leadership and Open Government Act would end
Republican culture of corruption by:

*Closing the revolving door between lawmakers and lobbyists
by doubling the amount of time lawmakers and staffers must wait
before lobbying Congress;

*Prohibiting the receipt of gifts, including meals, entertainment
and travel, from lobbyists;

*Clamping down on "pay to play" systems like the one set by
lobbyists like Jack Abramoff; and

*Ending efforts like the "K Street Project," which Republicans
created to force corporations and lobbying firms to hire
Republicans in exchange for political access.

"These national reforms represent an honest, common sense
approach to breaking the grip of the Republican culture of
corruption," said Sullivan. "As part of that effort, I strongly
encourage the people of New Hampshire to demand honest
leadership and pledge to hold their leaders accountable by
signing the Honest Leadership Petition.

"The Republican Party has built a corrupt system where money
talks, but ordinary people have no voice. Wealthy special
interests and scandal-plagued lobbyists like Jack Abramoff buy
access and get results on any issue, no matter the public interest.
We can do better than Republican leaders who put the special
interests ahead of New Hampshire's working families.

"Democrats in New Hampshire and across America are fighting
to strengthen government ethics rules, end the revolving door
between lawmakers and lobbyists, tighten gift and travel rules,
and clamp down on "pay to play" systems like the one set by
Jack Abramoff and his cronies. Unfortunately, New Hampshire
Republicans have brought that culture to our state, and even
today refuse to return the tens of thousands of dollars they
have taken from criminals like Abramoff. The time has come
for Republicans to join New Hampshire Democrats in fighting
for honest leadership at all levels of government."

For more information on the Democratic Party's honest leadership
agenda, visit www.democrats.org/honesty.