Republicans Gut Workforce Housing Bill

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

CONCORD - Following Governor John Lynch’s successful State of the State address yesterday identifying affordable workforce housing as a key economic issue facing New Hampshire in the 21st century, Senate Republicans took the teeth out of SB 190, aimed at improving state housing options.

SB 190, legislation addressing workforce housing opportunities, was held over from the 2005 Senate Session to ensure that it adequately dealt with the growing needs of New Hampshire.

“SB 190 is important legislation for the working people of New Hampshire,” said Deputy Democratic Leader Sen. Lou D’Allesandro. “This legislation makes it possible for people such as nurses, teachers, fire fighters and police officers to live in the communities where they work.”

Business leaders and both Democratic and Republican senators were in agreement following years of study by legislative committees on workforce housing. In fact, the BIA says that the amount of workforce housing shows the strength of the economy.

“At a time when housing prices are at an all time high, studying the issue simply is not a good enough answer. We must do something to help hard working people stay in our state,” stated Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, D-District 24.

“Instead of taking action to help ease our states critical housing shortages, the Senate chose to study the issue again,” commented Democratic Leader Sen. Sylvia Larsen. “This issue has been studied for years. We had a good compromise that would have encouraged more homes to become available to our working families, and unfortunately we’re back to just talking about the problem for another year.”