Gary Dodds to walk entire first Congressional district


Corey Corbin
Campaign manager

Manchester - first District Congressional candidate Gary Dodds (D-Rye), today
announced he would be starting a walking tour of the entire first district on
Thursday, January 26th, in Jackson, the northern most town in the 1st CD.

Dodds will begin his tour at 8am at the As You Like It bakery and café with
Jackson Town Democrat Chair Elizabeth Funicella and her husband Gino.

Stops will include the Jackson Police and Fire Departments, Madeline’s
Sandwich Deli, Yesterdays Restaurant and other local businesses.

Dodds will end the day in Jackson at a radio interview with Dean Luttrell at
WMWV 93.5 FM and Magic 104 FM.

“My intention is to visit every town in the district. I think it is very
important to meet the people, listen to them and involve them in the electoral
process. I look at this campaign as a job interview and it is incumbent upon
me to make my case to the people who will ultimately make the decision to hire
me as their next Congressman,” said Dodds.

“I think part of the problem with government these days is the disconnect
between the elected officials and the voters who send them to office in the
first place. I want to involve as many people as possible in this process and
this walk is the first step in doing that.”

Dodds also congratulated Democrat John Robinson who was victorious in
yesterdays special election for the State House of Representatives in
Londonderry and Auburn.

“This was the first time in over 100 years that a Democrat has been elected in
that district, and I applaud Representative-elect Robinson for a job well
done. I know our campaign made phone calls and was on hand on election day to
show our support and I’m proud to have been involved.”

“I think the results of this election are proof positive that people are tired
of business as usual politics and that changes are going to come at every
level of government. I’m excited and looking forward to being a part of the
change,” Dodds ended.