Congressman Jeb Bradley on North Korea's Claim to Ha ve Completed a Nuclear Weapon Test

(Washington, D.C.) - First District Congressman Jeb Bradley today issued the following statement regarding North Korea's purported nuclear test:

"This is a grave concern for the United States and its allies. North Korea has defied international non-proliferation treaties and has proved its isolation from the international community. North Korea must be held accountable for its actions, which threaten our national security and peace around the world.

"At this point in time, we must use diplomacy to resolve this situation. The United Nations Security Council must meet immediately to discuss the situation and exert all diplomatic measures possible on North Korea. The six-party talks must resume between the nations in the area, including the United States, and we must consider sanctions against North Korea because of their aggressive actions.

"The provocative actions by North Korea last night and this past July, as well as the potentially dangerous situation with Iran, highlights the urgent need to strengthen our missile defense. As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, I have been a strong proponent of strengthening our missile defense program and will continue to support efforts that protect Americans."