The Manchester School Administrators and their enabler School Board have again tearfully cried that they just can't attend to the needs of the school children, because they simply don't have enough of your money. This latest flow of tears is now prompted by the refusal of the school administration and its board to fund the return of police officers to Manchester's middle schools. According to the Union Leader, 10/9/06, Mayor Frank Guinta stated, "It's the right thing to do. They need to step up and say they support the safety of our children." The whimpering response from Leslee Stewart (Ward 1,) vice-chairman of the school board was, "We can't afford it." Yet, among many other things, including cell-phone-gate, they could afford to pay excessively high prices for pizza without putting them out for bids as they were required to do. Ironically, once this was discovered, and they were forced to put out bids, they miraculously were able to get lower priced pizzas from one of the suppliers to whom they were paying higher prices. Interestingly, their reaction was to claim that they had just learned something! This concept, new for them, has only been around for several hundred years. There's no telling how much longer it will take for them to learn that they need to follow requirements. Hopefully, they also soon will learn that the educational and well-being needs of Manchester's children are their main purpose for being.

Manchester parents and voters need to realize that the Manchester School Administration and its School Board are completely independent from the Manchester Mayor and Aldermen, except for their funding. This is why they can behave like royalty, and simply cry at budget time that "we need more money, or we'll fire umpteen teachers!" As Mel Brooks said, in one of his roles, "It's GOOD to be king," and this school administration would like it to remain that way. These parents and voters need to know that Manchester school administrative costs are now 40%, or more, of the school budget, where the average in New Hampshire is in the 30s, and some national legislators have called for it to be in the 20s. Finally, parents and voters need to realize that the only way this monolith can be made to emphasize Manchester children's educational and well-being needs, instead of their own, are in voting booths. Doug Kruse (Ward 8,) the chairman of the school board's Finance Committee, has said that adequate money is there through cuts at the central office, and other efficiencies. Parents and voters need to make sure that Doug Kruse has others on the school board who will work with him to effect a school administrative slimming and other efficiencies. You, the Manchester parents and voters, are the only ones who can help him by voting out and replacing those on the school board, as well as any Manchester Aldermen, who simply want you to give more of your money to feed an over-stuffed school administration.