John Lynch just doesn't get it

For Immediate Release October 12, 2006

Writing laws into New Hampshire's constitution is not the answer

Manchester - If keeping up with John Lynch's stand on educational funding, the courts, the Claremont decisions and taxes wasn't hard enough; his newest wrinkle of opening up the possibility of writing law into the constitution, should make New Hampshire voter's heads spin. John Lynch has made an art form out of either changing or not taking positions at all on the key issues facing New Hampshire. With 26 days to Election Day John Lynch has proven he just doesn't get it.


"John Lynch just doesn't get it, the goal of a constitutional amendment on education funding is not to write laws into the constitution, it is to make clear who has responsibility of defining a quality education and the funding thereof. A constitutional amendment needs to be clear; education definitions and education funding are exclusively the responsibility of the elected branches. The goal shouldn't be to write laws into our constitution that strip away the flexibility for the legislature to deal with education funding in the future. "said Jim Coburn.

"With 261 days left before a court takeover of our education funding system, John Lynch's indecision and mixed messaging, should be a sign to New< Hampshire taxpayers; the path that John Lynch is taking New Hampshire on is not the safe path at all, it is a path to a state sales and/or income tax" continued Coburn.

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