“I was amazed that Executive Council Want-To-Be, Paul Martineau has awakened from his Rip Van Winkle-like slumber and actually sent out a press release and allegedly went campaigning in Derry,” stated Ray Wieczorek’s campaign manager, former House Speaker Marshall Cobleigh.

“Ray Wieczorek has attended hundreds of events all across the fourth council district and meets daily with more voters than the total number his opponent has met in the past six months. The facts are that in our travels across the district, we’ve seen our challenger only three times since the fourth of July which shows how interested he really is in the office that he seeks. It is also the first press release he has issued during the campaign. Now that he has finally awakened, there are several questions I’d like to pose about his announcement.”Cobleigh stated.

· First he claims he was joined by his friends and neighbors in campaigning. How many of his campaign workers, if any, were from New Hampshire? · If a few hours in one day is “building momentum,” does he think that 2 days makes an earthquake? · He claims that he will bring his “same work ethic and resolve” to the Executive Council. Does he plan to stay home and work from his house as he often does in allegedly carrying out the duties of his $78,843 per year Welfare job, or, if elected, will he actually go to Concord to attend the meetings?

· He claims, “this election asks who you will trust to fight taxes” and alleges a proven record, “of fiscal responsibility.” Was Paul Martineau’s failure to attend a meeting, while employed as city Tax Assessor, that cost the taxpayers of Manchester $250,000 an example of his fiscal responsibility and fighting taxes?

· He alleges, “our district is tired of patronage politics.” Wasn’t patronage politics involved in how you started your 21 years as Tax Assessor and how you first got your current job as Welfare Commissioner? · He alleges a “proven record of fiscal responsibility.” Is that why as City Assessor, tax liens were recorded against your own personal property?

Perhaps Paul Martineau will be willing to awaken again from his slumber and tell the people of New Hampshire the answers to the above questions.