The Manchester School Board took up the issue of providing the needed security for school children which has become all the more crucially important following the recent evidence that school children across this nation are increasingly facing aggravated assaults all the way from simple peer bullying to sexual crimes to mass murders. Despite the obvious need that our school children require increased protection, the Manchester School Administration and its School Board, in the past, have shown an unbelievable lack of true concern by stating that they don't have enough of your money to do anything about it. They have claimed this despite a much lower percentage of their budget, than many, many other school districts, is spent on the important teacher/school children items, and far more on various self-important and oftentimes unnecessary administrative costs. 

Recent calls for action to Manchester voters to replace those School Board members who show little concern for the well-being of our school children had some effect in shaming this inactivity. The Board just passed a vote to split the cost with the City of Manchester in order to place a policeman in each of four schools. While this is certainly a good beginning step in the right direction, it was not a unanimous vote!

Unbelievably, there were five School Board members who still showed little concern for the school children's safety! Manchester voters must have these five, callous Board members replaced: Leslee Stewart, Russ Ouellette, Carol Scott, Donna Soucy and Dave Gelinas who all voted against placing these policemen in the schools! This is solely a basic matter of the safety and well being of Manchester's school children.