Gen. Wesley Clark in Goffstown Oct. 20 for state representative candidates

 GOFFSTOWN -- Retired four-star  General Wesley Clark, candidatefor the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004, is coming toGoffstown on Friday, Oct. 20, for a reception to support the slate ofDemocratic candidates for the State House of Representatives.

    The reception, at the Travers Village Eatery, 13 Main St., startsat 1 p.m. The event is open to everyone interested in the steadilystrengthening Democratic campaign in Goffstown and Weare that promisesto send more Democrats to Concord for 2007.

    For the first time in many, many  years, Democrats have put forward a full slate of candidates for eight seats in Hillsborough House District 7,which covers Goffstown and Weare.  The candidates are Ivan E. Beliveau, Fay R. Greenberg, "Al" Packard, Mary Till, Denise Walderich,  Barbara Barbour, Kelly Teevan and  Donald Welch.

    The presence of a figure of Gen. Clark's national and international stature underlines the importance of this year's race for the NewHampshire House. With a court-imposed deadline for a solution to the perennial education-funding mess looming July 1, all of the Democratic candidates have pledged themselves to working for a truly responsible solution to the problem.  The Republican-dominated Legislature that has failed for more than two decades to solve this dilemma needs the balance of more Democrats for a bipartisan solution.

    Gen. Clark, a West Point graduate, spent 34 years in the Army, retiring in 2000. He is a Rhodes scholar and holds a master's degree in economics. Among many other postings, he was supreme allied commander of NATO in Europe and commander of allied forces in the Kosovo War.

    Though he withdrew from the presidential primary race in early 2004, he supported the party's nominee, Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, and remains active in Democratic politics through his political action committee.,

    Come to Goffstown and meet Gen. Clark on Oct. 20!