A recent streaming video of a NH Governor and Executive Council meeting shows clearly how Executive Councilor Ray Wieczorek is continuously scrutinizing state spending contracts to save the people of New Hampshire money.

The video features Councilor Wieczorek questioning a spokesman for the NH Community Technical College System on why they just went through the motions to attract alarm companies to bid on alarm systems for all the buildings on every Community Technical College campus in New Hampshire.

Councilor Wieczorek pointed out that, “This process troubles me. The current contract just continues on with who you’re doing business with and you keep doing it. Does anybody have the interest or desire to save the state money in the Community College System? This is not the first contract of this type from the Technical College System. I’ve got a problem voting for these kinds of contracts. I’m going to be voting against this contractbecause I think a contract of this size ought to be put out to real bidding.”

Councilor Pignatelli says, “It was put out to bid in a statewide newspaper from Aug. 29 to Aug. 31st.”

Councilor Wieczorek rebutted, “That’s not good enough!”

Governor Lynch jumps in saying, “If you really want to do it well, we should contact companies proactively, casting the net, contacting them and asking them to bid, which is what Councilor Wieczorek has been emphasizing continuously, and I agree with that.”

Wieczorek retorted, “The name of the game is to get the value for the money—that’s not happening in this case. I’mgoing to make a motion to lay this on the table until we get it straightened out.”

It was then pointed out that the State Legislature had changed the law this past session to exempt the Community College System from all Administrative Services purchasing.

Wieczorek is fond of quoting President Ronald Reagan who reminded us, “Government is the people’s business and everyman, woman and child becomes a shareholder with the first penny of taxes paid. Government programs are paid for with money earned by working men and women. Any program that represents a waste of their money is a theft from their pocketbooks. We must have that waste eliminated or the program must go.”

Ray Wieczorek declares, “That is what I try to do on the Executive Council. Some complain that I ask too many questions and dig hard to find all the facts about every dollar of proposed spending. I believe that this kind of extensive probing into the finite details of government contracts and my strong aversion to porkbarrel spending is the reason folks have supported me continually in my political career.”

This streaming video is just one of many examples of how Executive Councilor Ray Wieczorek carries out his fight against wasteful government spending. You may watch the streaming video by accessing: or simply click on the link at Ray Wieczorek’s website