Manchester—Paul Martineau, the Democratic candidate for Executive Council in District 4, is a fiscal conservative.  He took over the Manchester City Welfare office and saved taxpayers over a million dollars.[1]

His opponent recently questioned Martineau’s cost-cutting successes.  However, his opponent failed to explain why he raised taxes more than any other mayor in Manchester history.[2]

Martineau, when presented with these facts, said that the decision is really very simple: “People want a candidate they can trust with their tax dollars.”

He continued, “This election asks ‘who you will trust to fight taxes?’  Within a full year on the job as Welfare Commissioner, I saved the taxpayers over one million dollars.  If the voters elect me to the Executive Council, I will work with Governor Lynch and bring the same results to Concord.”   


Paul Martineau is the Manchester Welfare Commissioner.  For the past 4 ½ years, he has saved taxpayer dollars by cutting costs and significantly reducing welfare fraud and abuse.  With the help of the people of District 4, he plans to bring this same work ethic and resolve to the Executive Council.

[1] Union Leader, 10/16/02

[2] Office of the Mayor, 2/20/02; Manchester